• No More Frump Slump!

    5 Steps For Creating A Fresh New Mommy Look This Fall

    By Amity Spiegel

    Kids are not the only ones who need to go back-to-school shopping. Fall is a terrific time to take stock of lots of things in your life–including your appearance. Here are five quick tips for transitioning from summer to fall in style by updating everything from your hair to your jeans to your lipstick.

    Update wardrobe essentials. Fall fashion is all about black and dark colors, so it’s time put away your neons and whites.  Treat yourself to a new pair of dark jeans that fit like a glove–I like GAP’s Real Straight jeans (pictured above). Consider splurging on a comfy but hot pair of boots, like these suede ankle boots by Rag & Bone. A new fall bag is a great way to spruce up your already existing wardrobe–and it doesn’t have to break the bank either!  I like this one by Forever 21, as it takes me from work to daycare pick-up, and I don’t care if anything gets spilled in or on it.  Plus, it comes in burgundy, which is the hot color for fall.

    Freshen up your hairstyle. Summer is all about sun and fun, but it takes a toll on your hair, which can become dehydrated.  Deep conditioning or hot oil treatments–either at the salon or at home–can replenish moisture and add shine and volume.  (Here’s a great hot oil treatment you can do at home.) Booking time with your hairdresser can  also be helpful.  A good hair stylist is an invaluable resource new products to try and even more importantly, which hairstyle best suits both the shape of your face and your lifestyle.  Refreshing the color of your hair, as well as getting a haircut to lop off dead ends, can be just the boost you need to go into the fall season with a fresh new look.

    Get a facial. Skin gets lots of exposure to sun in the summer–not to mention it’s bombarded with sunscreen, pollution, sweat and general grime build-up.  A facial is a great way to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, as well as assess how well your skincare products are working for you.  Fall may be the time to switch to heavier, more moisturizing products.  (Consider trying this fab rich face moisturizer for “mature skin”  as well as my new favorite lavender sandalwood body moisturizer.) Or perhaps now that you are not in the sun as much, it’s time to intensify your anti-aging routine.  Again, consulting with a trusted esthetician can help you determine what is working for your skin or what changes you need to make with your products in the coming months.

    Switch out your makeup colors. This is an easy way to update your look. Fall is a great time to try a darker lip color (reds, deep berries and dark mauves are fabulous in fall) or try one of the new colored mascaras that are popular now (purple or burgundy make green and hazel eyes pop!). For a great fall lip color, I love Dr. Hauschka’s Inner Glow lipstick in Violet Marble. And my lashes will definitely be coated in Mascara Terrybly in purple (pictured).

    And don’t forget your nails! Top off your look with a manicure in deep teal, dark grey or burgundy and you are ready for the autumn! You will never go wrong with any of the nail colors by Chanel, especially their new shade, Vertigo, which is my top pick for fall.

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