• Cookie Lovers Will Lose Their Minds At The City’s Sweetest New Dessert Spot

    Because licking the batter spoon is so over.

    By Grace Oshin

    Photo Courtesy of DO on Instagram

    Baking cookies is a pretty simple task. You mix together all the ingredients to create a batter, scoop spoonfuls of the batter onto a greased cookie sheet, and pop ’em in the oven to cook. The worst part about making cookies is waiting for your ooey-gooey, chocolatey confection to be done. If only we could eat the dough straight from the bowl like we are always tempted to do. I mean, come on, we’ve all dipped our fingers into the mixing bowl for a quick taste. But never more than a quick taste, because somewhere in the back of your head is mom reminding you “don’t eat raw cookie dough, it’ll make you sick.”

    Thankfully, there is a new dessert spot that allows you to eat cookie dough exactly how you crave it.

    No nagging mom, no fear of getting sick–just sheer excitement as you enjoy scoops of over a dozen types of handcrafted cookie dough flavors. Join the founder of the creative cookie dough brand, DŌ , at her first brick and mortar location at 550 LaGuardia Place, in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood.

    DŌ serves safe and ready-to-eat gourmet cookie dough in a cup or a cone, as part of cookie sandwiches, ice-cream sundaes, and more that are sure to make your taste-buds dance with delight. Enjoy a mouth-watering Ice Cream SanDŌwich comprised of signature chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiched between two decadent layers of Signature Chocolate Chip cookie dough; the Cookie DŌ Milkshake  made with vanilla ice cream and your choice of cookie dough flavor, and a build-your-own Ice Cream Sundae, where guests pick a cookie base, an ice cream flavor featuring Blue Marble Ice Cream, and a cookie dough flavor.

    This cookie dough heaven will surely leave you in a sugar coma as DŌ additionally offers baked treats such as brownies, fudge, stuffed cookie cupcakes, ice cream pies, as well as Toby’s Estate coffee. There are also rotating vegan, gluten-free, and seasonal options available.

    It’s a kids sugary wonderland and an adult’s sweet-tooth fix. Fall in love with all the DŌ-ey goodness, and make sure to get your daily scoop starting at 11am, 7-days a week. For more information please visit the website.



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