• Art Exhibitions In New York City To Visit With Kids This Spring

    Enjoy these great experiences with your little ones this season!

    By Natasha Schlesinger

    Editor’s Note: Natasha Schlesinger is the founder of ArtMuse, which provides art consultation, curation, education, and brand collaboration services. Visit artmuseny.com for more information about how ArtMuse can help you and your family experience art in New York City. 

    • Whitney Biennial at The Whitney Museum of American Art
      Whitney Biennial at The Whitney Museum of American Art

      MARCH 17-JUNE 11
      Long awaited since the Whitney Museum closed uptown and reopened downtown on Gansevoort Street, the Whitney Biennial will present a diverse array of 63 contemporary artists from across the country, established to emerging, who investigate art in all mediums and formats. It is always an exciting exhibit to visit for both adults and kids as it offers new ideas and exciting opportunity for the public to see what is new and relevant on the contemporary art front. (Sometimes artists do push the limits of PG appropriateness for their art presentations to the general public, so do check out that all installations are age-appropriate.)

      Photo: whitney.org

    • Seurat’s Circus Sideshow at Metropolitan Museum Of Art
      Seurat’s Circus Sideshow at Metropolitan Museum Of Art

      FEBRUARY 17-MAY 29
      Traveling circuses and sideshows go back in history hundreds of years amusing the public of all ages with their performances and extraordinary acts. This exhibition takes as a central focus Seurat’s painting Circus Sideshow of 1887-88, but in addition, it also examines more than a 100 related paintings, drawings, programs, musical instruments and documents to give the visitors a fuller idea of that entertainment more than a hundred years ago.

      Photo: metmuseum.org

    • Visionaries: Creating The Modern Guggenheim Museum
      Visionaries: Creating The Modern Guggenheim Museum

      This expansive exhibition that spans the entire rotunda of the museum and winds its way up to the top takes on the founding collection of the museum and showcases many of the greatest hits from multiple works by such visionaries as Vasilyi Kandinsky to Piet Mondrian, who along with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Robert Delaunay broke ground for new frontiers in art of early 20th century. This will be a engaging show to see for anyone familiar with the collection as many of the works on view are well-known and stunning to behold again and again. But this show is also a new revelation to visitors rediscovering the museum for its varied treasures. There are also playful sculptures that investigate the concept of space, form and color such as a giant mobile hovering above the lobby by Alexander Calder as well as early, clear plexiglass sculptures by the Russian artist Naum Gabo. Kids always enjoy physically navigating the museum up and down the ramp, so this new presentation of the collection from the perspective of its founders will be fun to visit for all ages.

      Photo: guggenheim.org

    • We The People, By Nari Ward at New York Historical Society
      We The People, By Nari Ward at New York Historical Society

      The incredibly talented, Jamaican-born, American artist Nari Ward has been commissioned to create the first ever contemporary art work for the New York Historical Society, being created on site from February 20 to 24 and then on permanent view after February 25. Composed entirely of multicolor sneaker shoelaces, some of which will be donated by the public, this 28 foot wall piece spells out the first three words of the U.S. Constitution. More relevant now than ever, these three words will encourage the necessary conversation with your kids about what it means to be an American living in this country today.

      Photo: nyhistory.org

    • Opulent Landscapes at De Buck Gallery (Chelsea)
      Opulent Landscapes at De Buck Gallery (Chelsea)

      FEBRUARY 27-MAY 26
      Opulent Landscapes at De Buck Gallery will assemble a number of exceptional contemporary artists such as Robert Lazzarini and Nir Hod, whose works explore through a variety of mediums the optical distortion within the concept of dream-like realities and alternative architectural spaces. From the “hand-made to machine-made” this will definitely present an exciting space for kids to see and participate in.

      Photo: debuckgallery.com

    • Jack Whitten at Hauser and Wirth (Chelsea)
      Jack Whitten at Hauser and Wirth (Chelsea)

      Jack Whitten’s Portals and Quantum Walls take over an entire first floor gallery space of Hauser and Wirth on West 22nd Street. Whitten is a fascinating well-known artist who creates his very unique paintings with acrylic tiles which he composes into surfaces that evoke space exploration both in the artistic and in the cosmic sense. Whitten has been fascinated by the study of astrophysics for many years and describes his current series as “thought experiments allow[ing] me to travel anywhere I want...without the encumbrance of space”. To stand in front of his paintings is really to experience virtual travel in time, space and imagination.

      Photo: hauserwirth.com

    • Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (Chelsea)
      Olafur Eliasson at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (Chelsea)

      MARCH 23-APRIL 22
      Olafur Eliasson is one of the most important contemporary artists working today. Eliasson is renown for his sculptures, installations, paintings and films that push the boundaries of our perception, while exploring color, light, movement. His works are always a wonder to behold and are hypnotic and mesmerizing for viewers of all ages.

      Photo: tanyabonakdargallery.com

    • ArtMuse Discover Galleries
      ArtMuse Discover Galleries

      This March, ArtMuse is proud to announce the launch of ArtMuse Discover Galleries technology platform via an app that will allow users to navigate to and through the galleries in New York using artificial intelligence, Shazam for art, and multiple features of discovery, making visiting galleries that much more exciting and fun! Find us on the App Store under ArtMuse Discover Galleries.

      Photo: itunes.apple.com

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