• Up In the Air With Baby Elle Belle

    From airport security to the plane’s great white noise, one New York City tot learns the ins-and-outs of air travel.

    By Elle Belle

    We get up early since today’s a big day
    Going to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s to play
    We packed last night so the morning goes well
    It’s up in the air for this tiny Belle!

    Dream:  I run down the sidewalk gaining speed and, before I know it, I’m flying up in the air. Mommy gets smaller and smaller the higher I go and my puppy is chasing after me at top speed. I twirl around saying hello to the birds, giving Superman a high five, but then see Mommy and puppy looking so sad. I begin my descent, landing safely back at home and giving them a big hug and kiss.

    Reality: Can you believe it? We’re going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in sunny Florida! But I’m quite worried about those two because since the last time I visited, Mommy carries them around on her little magic screen she calls iPhone. Every so often they light up to say hello and smile at me, but it’s weird because they’re so awfully small and their heads look so big! I’m pretty sure I’ll be bigger than them when I visit. Maybe they’ll even fit into my shape sorter.

    Anyhow, we packed almost the whole house yesterday: my clothes, pjs, diapers, wipes, toys, socks, shoes, food, bowls, spoons…well there isn’t much we didn’t pack. Every time I played with one of my toys, Mommy took notes like a research scientist, and when I woke up this morning they were all in this big bag. I know this because it was left wide open and I crawled into it for some serious exploring. But then Mommy picked me up and put me in my step and play piano (I’m a virtuoso, if you must know) and told me that we are taking the bag on an airplane and up in the sky. I saw an airplane in my First 100 Words book. It looked like a funky bird, if you ask me.

    We take all of our luggage and I hail a taxi with my fantastic waving skills (I’m an NYC baby after all), and we’re on our way.

    At the airport we go through security and everyone needs to see how cute I am so Mommy takes me out of my car seat and stroller, but a security agent takes my sippy cup. That’s my cup! Mine! I cry louder as he puts it into a machine. What is he making me a latte? I hear those are delish, by the way. Finally, he gives it back but it tastes the same. Sigh. I don’t really want it anymore.

    Mommy plops me back in my stroller and starts pacing back and forth before walking in circles. Note to parents: We babies can sense stroller circle patterns. We know what you’re trying to do and it ain’t happening. Who wants to sleep in the airport when there’s so much new and exciting stuff to see?

    Next thing I know we’re entering a dark tunnel which leads to a narrow room full of people seated on both sides with a narrow aisle down the middle. As we make our way down the aisle, almost everyone waves hello, makes funny faces, or speaks baby to me. This must be what celebrities on the red carpet have to deal with! These folks really take an interest in me so I flash my best four-tooth smile before we take our seat.

    Shortly after the safety demonstration (which I found to be rather unsafe considering they tell the adults to secure their masks before the children’s!) we’re up in the air. There are some big bumps and jumps like when we stroll down the city sidewalks and they blast during subway construction, but things smooth out when Mommy shows me the blue sky out of the teeny tiny window.

    Soon, Daddy takes me for a walk up and down the aisle. Now this is fun. I run back and forth a few times and we step and repeat until Mommy sets me back in my seat for a rest. Looks like it’s naptime! So many adults are snoozing around me. There’s lots of great white noise and I somehow fall asleep too.

    Suddenly, I’m woken up by a loud man with a booming voice. What could he want? Wait, where am I? I’m not in my crib. Oh no! Help! Wait, Mommy and Daddy are right next to me. Whew. But then…my ears hurt. Ouch. Big ouch! Mommy keeps trying to make me drink my sippy or chew my puffs but it hurts too much. I scream as loud as I can to make it stop. That should work, right? It doesn’t stop. I drink a little from my sippy and that helps a bit, but I don’t want all that much to drink. No more drinking for me. As soon as I stop my ears hurt again so I scream louder and harder this time. For some reason Mommy is crying, too.

    I hear a big thump and realize that we’ve landed. Welcome to Florida! Everyone stands up and takes their belongings. Everyone starts smiling at me, noting what a great tiny traveler I am. It was touch and go for a second, but otherwise, I was a living doll.

    Soon we’re off the plane and walking through a sunny airport. In the distance I see Grandma and Grandpa. They’re so big. What happened? Right away they snatch me and I start getting wet kisses. Even worse than when puppy kisses me. I guess it runs in the family? Either way, I was a great tiny traveler–that can’t be denied–and now I get to enjoy being at Grandma and Grandpa’s where I always get my way!

    Elle Belle is a beautiful baby girl who lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her magnificent mommy, dapper dad, and her five-year-old four-legged brother (who’s adopted). She can be reached LilElleBelle@gmail.com and found on tugsonmyheartstrings.blogspot.com



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