Your Guide to a Remote Snow School Day (and all the fun things to do in the snow!)

Your Guide to Remote Snow School Day (and all the fun things to do in the snow and inside!)
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Your Guide to Remote Snow School Day (and all the fun things to do in the snow!)

As many parents know, snow days have been a thing of the past since the pandemic. Many parents will be reminded of this today. Expecting an upcoming snowstorm, the Mayor’s office announced on Monday February 12th that all New York schools will be remote in anticipation of the predicted 3 to 5 inches (or more!) in the city and additional inches upstate.

While some kids are pros at this remote thing now, you may need to catch up. The good news is schools are prepared for this, and you should have received emails or calls on what must be done to work remote. Or you can be like us, message the school on ClassDojo, and get a handle on what will be a stay-at-home day for the family.

Many of us haven’t had a remote snow day for some time, so it is necessary to stay in the loop; all the handles that will help keep you updated: 

NYC Schools

Mayor Eric Adams


What to do if there is a lot of snow

What to do if there is a lot of snow

The good news is snow is pretty until it starts irritating us, so let’s enjoy the fun once it is safe enough to go out. 

Here are the fun things you can do if we get snow!

The 17 Best Places to Go Snow Tubing Near NYC for Families

Where to Go Sledding in the NYC Area

If the kids are out of school entirely because of the snow
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If the kids are out of school entirely 

Some schools, especially private schools, may be off from school altogether as well, and most after-school programs are not going to be happening. Here are some fun ways to stay cozy and busy.

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Perfect Snow Day Activities for Kids in NYC

The Best Activities and Museums for Snow Days in New York

Staying safe in the snow

Snow Day in New York: Safety Tips and Family Fun


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