Wegmans Grocery Store Now Open in Brooklyn Navy Yard

On a wet and dreary day in Brooklyn, I dragged my husband out of bed and we loaded our pajama-clad kids into the car to go on a little drive. The family-owned Upstate New York-based supermarket chain Wegmans has come to Brooklyn Navy Yard and this Rochester girl wasn’t going to miss opening day. Wegmans coming to the NYC area has been a long time coming. Rumors have been in motion for years and Wegmans definitely had a loyal following of customers, myself included, anticipating their arrival in the NYC metro area. For those of us who grew up in Rochester or Upstate NY, went to college there, or spent any substantial amount of time there – Wegmans feels like comfort food: welcoming, flavorful and familiar.

Even if you’re not nostalgic for the products or familiar feels, Wegmans has something for everyone in the family, from faithful followers to new customers alike. 

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Huge Selection of Products From Gluten-Free and Vegan to International Offerings.

The selection in Wegmans is huge. It would have to be considering the facility is 74,000 square feet. Wegmans also has a reputation for listening to customers’ requests so even if there’s something you cannot find, you can request it and chances are you may see it on their shelves in a matter of weeks. Their produce selection is immaculate and expertly displayed, pantry staples are top-notch and plentiful, not to mention specialty items, high-quality meats, and cheeses. There are also many ready-to-eat options. The gluten-free selection is impressive and there’s a separate freezer section dedicated to vegan and impossible “meat” options. As a wellness enthusiast, I was excited to spot Vital Proteins Collagen on the shelves, black seed oil, and a wide range of tinctures among many other wellness products, including ones with CBD. 

In need of your caffeine fix? There’s a full cafe with coffee, lattes, tea, and even golden milk. There are plant milk options as well, oat, coconut, almond, and soy milk. Wegmans also offers fruit and yogurt smoothies and breakfast sandwiches made fresh daily. 


Affordable Prices and Excellent Customer Service

Wegman’s prices are competitive and the staff is extremely friendly. If you ask a question, it’s likely the staff will take you directly to your answer. Wegmans employees were even escorting customers to and from the parking lot and garage to provide shelter from the rain. There doesn’t need to be a storm to get assistance to your car either, you can always request help with your groceries. They are full service at Wegmans and most employees are happy to go the extra mile. Wegmans is one of the best employers in the country, they treat their employees exceptionally well. 

As we walked through the huge (there almost 700 parking spaces in the lot and parking garage combined) parking area on our way back to our car I overheard part of a conversation. A young man was jokingly remarking to his friends, “Sorry Mom, now I have no reason to come home.” For many of us, Wegmans feels like a piece of home. To those of us who share that feeling from the past and people now experiencing Wegmans for the first time, I want to extend a greeting to you. The same greeting someone from the home office gave my cousin upon her telling them she was from Rochester, NY, “Welcome home.”

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