12 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats to Make with Kids


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12 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Treats to Make

Snacks and treats are one of the best parts about holiday festivities. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. When it comes to Irish treats there are a few classics, such as anything shaped like a shamrock, anything with potatoes, and most of all anything green. On this list, there are a few new “outside the box” recipes too. Don’t worry, all the recipes are easy to make.  Whether you like sweet or savory there is something for you and your kids on this list. Keep your eyes open, a portion of these recipes come from Catherine McCord’s website Weelicious. Enjoy!

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Peppermint Shake

This green milkshake is all about the peppermint! The use of mint and ice cream makes for super refreshing pick-me-up, especially after a long St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, by combining only a few ingredients; milk, vanilla ice cream, peppermint extract, and food coloring it is a simple recipe that only takes 5 minutes to make! I suggest swapping out the vanilla ice cream with mint chocolate chip for a little extra whimsy.

Shamrock Pretzel Pops

Chocolate and pretzels are a perfect match because they combine salty and sweet. That’s why you will love them and so will your kids. These pretzel pops are a little more hands-on, but they are a fun project to do with your child the day of or night before St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll need pretzel twists and sticks, green coating chocolate, and sprinkles to make these festive shamrocks.

Leprechaun Popcorn

Another sweet and salty treat is Leprechaun popcorn. To make this festive snack you will need a bag of popcorn, green and white candy melts, mint M&Ms, and sprinkles. It only takes 10 minutes to make and I’m sure your visitors will be super excited to try this colorful recipe!  This treat is also easy to customize. If your kids don’t like mint M&Ms then use regular ones to represent the rainbow!

Lucky Charm Marshmallow Treats

When you think of a leprechaun, the next thought is often Lucky Charms. This recipe uses Lucky Charm cereal to make a new version of the classic rice krispie treat. There is double the marshmallow, but more crunch. These treats only need 4 ingredients and they only take 10 minutes to make! You will need Lucky Charms cereal, butter, salt, mini marshmallows, and a load of friends to share with.

Irish Shortbread Cookies

You may be wondering what makes these shortbread cookies “Irish”? It’s the butter! For this recipe you must use Irish butter to get just the right taste and texture. To make these classic cookies, you will need butter, flour, vanilla extract, sugar and cornstarch. Cookies from scratch is not everyone’s idea of easy. If that’s so, then buying sugar cookie dough and adding flour makes a super crispy cookie as well. Don’t forget to use a shamrock shaped cookie-cutter!

Super Green Tropical Smoothie from Weelicious

This bright green smoothie can easily blend with the St. Patrick Day vibe. Plus, it provides much needed energy, from a full serving of fruits and veggies, to fuel your crazy day! There is kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, and mango in this naturally sweet drink. Of course you can customize and add the milk of your choice too. Just keep it Green!

Soda Bread Biscuits

What’s more Irish than soda bread? Now making any type of bread may seem daunting, but these biscuits don’t need proofing or yeast and they are much easier to work with than a huge loaf. There are a few extra ingredients on this recipe list, but if you love to bake then this recipe is a lot of fun and an excellent addition to St. Patrick’s Day dinner or brunch. Plus, the classic combination of fresh bread and butter is all the reward you need.

Irish Nachos

Irish Nachos are a fun version of regular nachos. Instead of corn chips you use potatoes, such as Yukon Gold or mini Red potatoes. If you have company coming over then this is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day snacks to make. It will be a crowd pleaser and you don’t have to bend over backwards to make them. The nacho toppings can be customized to suit your taste!

Kale Chips from Weelicious

Kale may not seem like a good St. Patrick’s Day snack, but when it is crisped up they are an amazing potato chip substitute. Plus, they have a lot more nutritional value! All you need to make them is Kale, cooking spray and salt. This St. Patrick’s Day instead of plain chips get kale, which is naturally green of course, and invent a new party tradition. According to Catherine McCord, kids love them too!

Avocado Honey Dip from Weelicious

Another popular party staple is dip. This recipe may not go with kale chips per se, but it also has a naturally green hue that fits with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. It is only made with 4 ingredients; avocado, honey, cream cheese and lemon. The dip goes great with veggies and thicker chips. I also recommend the cheesy green hummus from Weelicious.

Green Veggie Pancakes from Weelicious

This recipe is a great, healthy appetizer alternative for a St. Patrick’s Day party where the theme is green!. These “pancakes” are made with only a few ingredients, vegetables, flour, egg, oil and spices. You can make it with different vegetables, but Catherine McCord recommends zucchini and broccoli. They are super simple to make, just have a blender or food processor handy. 

St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board from Weelicious

If you are looking for a snack that requires no cooking and offers a variety of treats and snacks then this is it. Go to a grocery store and buy products with different tastes and textures, especially green apples, avocados, green grapes, green bell peppers, sugar snap peas, and guacamole. Of course, you can add just about anything that reminds you of St. Patrick’s Day. Then arrange it on a cutting board and you have photo-worthy party food.