The Best Toys for 8 + year olds: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The Best Toys for 8 year olds: Holiday Gift Guide 2022
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The Best Toys for 8 year olds: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Right around this age is when shopping for kids gets a bit challenging. There are the presents you want to give them vs. the gifts they want. Some (kids) say they want something simple, like a book (yay); some say money (excuse me) or some extravagant toy. How and whatever you gift them is something you know best. What we know best is how to share a curated list of the hot toys we hope they (and you)  will like. And while we love to tout that we know our stuff, we did ask our friends at Toy Insider for guidance on this category because when you want an expert hand in toy gifting, go to the toy experts.



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LEGO Friends Emma’s Art School

You know who this is for- it is for your kid who lives and breathes Legos, the kind you scoop into bins at the end of the night and find a Lego curled tightly in their fist as you tuck them in. This Toy Insider Top Holiday Toy winner art school consist of 844-pieces that include a spinning pottery wheel, a photography studio, landscape canvases, and other art-themed accessories. 8+, $69.99,



Crayola Glow in The Dark Coloring Set with Markers, Mythical Creature Coloring Pages, Gift for Kids

Kids can get their glow on with this Crayola Glow in the Dark Coloring Set with Markers, Sea Creatures. Kids can be creative and use the formulated glow markers that come in vibrant shades of green, blue, yellow, red, and orange that be to colored on coated cardstock paper and make glow-tastic art! 8+, $14.99,



National Geographic Herb Garden Growing Kit

Another Toy Insider winner, this Grow Your Own Garden is all a kid needs to learn how to start their own garden. The kit includes seeds of basil, oregano and chive. There are three durable, stainless steel pots that can be decorated with the Kids 30 stickers and 6 paints that are included in this green kit. 6+, $24.99, Toys R us at



American Girl Claudie Doll, Book, and Accessories

If your child is a fan of American Girl, then you know, don’t mess with your American Girl fanatic. Creative Claudie is quite chic in her 1920’s era look, although her Mary Jane shoes are pretty on trend for 2022!

The 18” Claudie™ doll comes with all the accessories (an authentic-style 1920s Baby Ruth candy bar, knee-high socks are just a few gems) and all the other cool attachments you can expect from American Girl as well as a paperback book Meet Claudie by Brit Bennett. $151,

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Ultra Bionic Blaster

Kids who love robotics will love this wearable, air-powered blaster glove. The cool part is they can also learn about pneumatic systems (a collection of interconnected components using compressed air to do work for automated equipment) and the physics of air. 10 +, $39.95,





Chicken Vs Hot Dog

Uh oh, it’s on. Chicken vs. Hotdog by Big Potato Games is a gift for your eight-plus kid that can also include the entire family. Flip ’em and stick ’em also involves (safe) challenges, character cards, and more. 8+, $30,



Nintendo Switch Sports – Nintendo Switch

Remember when we were all doing remote sports during lockdown? This is when we had no regrets about purchasing that Nintendo switch and subscription. This game is perfect for your sporty kid. There are six games they can play: Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara-so weekends and snow days, watch out as this will keep them active all day! 10+, $50,