The Best Gifts for Big Kids 2021: Holiday Gift Guide (ages 4-8years)

The Best Gifts for Big Kids 2021: Holiday Gift Guide (ages 4-8years)
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The Best Gifts for Big Kids 2021: Holiday Gift Guide (ages 4-8years)

As parents ourselves, we know that gift-giving in the toy department can be tricky, especially as kids get older. We made our list extra early and checked it twice to get all the toys on your wish list.

For this age group, we have an eclectic choice for parents- from a potion-making mixer to their candy claw machine -we have curated gifts that can fit any personality. Psst… don’t forget to check out The Best Gifts for Little Kids 2021: Holiday Gift Guide (12 months to 4 years)


Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron 

Prepare to bubble with excitement with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron that ignites kids’ imagination with the power of real magic. Kids will love this magical unboxing experience where they create a potion that makes the interactive, magical Mixie pet. Add water and follow the prompts from the cauldron to add a variety of mystical ingredients that foam, bubble, and help create the Mixie. After all the ingredients are mixed into the potion, tap and wave the magic wand, saying the magic words, and an enchanting mist rises above the cauldron then clears to reveal a completely dry Mixie creature. The adorable Mixie makes sweet sounds, lights up, and interacts with the wand to help create endless spells. Parents will love that kids can redo the magical reveal, and after revealing the Mixie, kids can continue the magic by making their own potions and recreating the mist with additional modes of play. Age: 5+ $69.99

Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash

This set is packed with 4+ feet of awesome features. Kids will love that the sprawling set comes complete with water play that works with the Color Reveal car, which has multiple surprises to make kids want to visit again and again.  Kids will love the Color Reveal car and the two-color change stations. Kids will also love getting wet and wild by running the car through the car wash set, including a loop, and letting excess water drain off while admiring the car’s awesome details. Before the final wash, fill the octopus’s head with cold water and spray the car through the tentacles to reveal another entirely different deco.  Parents will love that it folds easily for storage and also connects to other sets. Age: 4+; $79.99


Rainbow High House

Bring fabulous fashion home with the colorful and cool Rainbow High House, a fully furnished, 3-Story Wood Doll House playset that inspires creativity and endless play. Kids will love bringing their Rainbow High Dolls home to the home complete with six rooms, all-angle play, 50+ accessory pieces, and realistic features like a working elevator, a hot tub with working bubble effect, and more. Rainbow High dolls can drive up to the house in style with the Rainbow High 8-in-1 Light up Color Change Car. Parents will love that the Rainbow High House provides endless imaginative play as children can recreate all of their favorite scenes at home. It’s fashion-forward fun! Age: 6+; Starting at $44.99


Akedo Ultimate Battle Arena

A game that takes a retro gaming look and combines it with kids playing one-on-one battles with small ninja, wizards, and warrior action figures using skill, force, weapons, and shields. Kids will love that the world of Akedo is brought to life with this arcade-inspired electronic arena where any of the Akedo warriors can come for next-level battle action. When the warriors aren’t battling, they can train and practice by connecting the detachable training punching bag accessory. Parents will love that it includes two exclusive Legendary warrior figures, two battle controllers, two interchangeable backdrops, and over 35 sound effects for added excitement and humor. Age: 6; $29.99


B-Kind Dolls

The eco-friendly B-Kind dolls- Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, Daisy – promote positive messages of kindness and creativity and are eco-friendly from the recycled materials they’re made with to the eco-fashion they wear to the reusable packaging they come in, down to the ink used made from soybeans. Kids will love that each doll has a different “kind” cause based on their passion, along with unique accessories for kids to create and customize, including bff bracelets, reusable tote bags, colorful hair extensions, and more. Parents will love that each doll promotes positive messages of kindness and inspires kids to be creative and compassionate. Age: 6+; $29.97


5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Mini Toy Store

Build, store and display over 100 Toy Mini Brands with 5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Mini Toy Store, the ultimate toy store playset. Kids will love the fun unboxing of the dream toy store, featuring shelves, accessories, and cool extras like hidden compartments. Its modular base allows collectors to connect multiple units to build out their own unique shopping world. Parents will love that it creates a display and play space and includes three exclusive mini toys, only available in the Toy Store. Kids can also add more favorite mini toys to their store with the collection of 5 Surprise Mini Brands toys. Ages 4+, $Starting at $6.99


Candy Claw Machine

Build your own working model of the ever-popular, classic claw machine with the Candy Claw Machine. Kids will love creating their own model of the always fun claw machine in which you try to grab prizes from inside the machine with a remote-controlled claw in a limited amount of time. Packed with 6 lollipops (Saf-T-Pops) and decoys (fake candy boxes), you can also fill it with whatever small candies, toys, or other small objects you like. Parents will love that kids experiment to develop motor skills and engineering chops to conquer this awesome STEM challenge and that the game itself is great for honing dexterity skills and hand-eye coordination. Everyone will love this innovative take on a robotic arm with something really worth grabbing! Age: 6+; $39.95



KidiStar DJ Mixer

Be the star of the holidays this year with the KidiStar DJ Mixer! Kids will love to mix and jam with this DJ turntable, with its 15 built-in songs and 2000+ sound combinations. They can create custom sound effects and vocal tags to lay onto tracks, then save samples and add light effects. Parents will love that kids can fine-tune their musical mixes, record their mash-up, and play backtracks for all of their family and fans to hear through the built-in speaker. Crank up the volume and get the party started! Age: 5+; $54.99


We Wear Cute So Glittery Hand Spa

Treat yourself to relaxing glittery manicures with the Cool Maker We Wear Cute So Glittery Hand Spa. Kids will love this glittery, fun DIY manicure experience. Simply pour the Orbeez seeds into a bowl of water and watch as they begin to magically grow and then add the Orbeez into the spa. Press the button and enjoy a soothing hand massage as the Orbeez swirl around. Next, design your manicure by using nail stickers and painting glitter on top. Parents will love that it’s mess-free and the spa comes with 1,000 Orbeez seeds, a nail file, and two colors of glitter to customize the manicure. Age: 8+; $19.97


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Cobra Kai

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Cobra Kai collection is an incredible mashup of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cobra Kai series that is sure to delight fans of all ages. Parents will love that this innovative concept pits these two well-loved karate-themed teams against each other with these fierce figures. Kids will love that the sculptures look just like the real characters and have incredible articulation and detail. Everyone will enjoy the excitement as these two teams face off in four, two-pack “Versus” sets — Man vs. Mutant. Age: 4+; $39.99

Spirograph Animator

There’s a new spin on the classic Spirograph design set with the Spirograph Animator. Kids will love creating endless spiral art designs and then bringing them all to life in amazing, mesmerizing motion with a spin of the animator. Every design moves in a different way with each of the rotating light effects. The design and animation possibilities are endless. Parents will love the artistic and creative play and that it also works with other Spirograph sets. Age: 8+; $26.95


The Young Scientists Club Future Veterinarian kit

Children will love learning all about animals with The Young Scientists Club Future Veterinarian kit! Parents will love that from X-rays of exotic animals and household pets to encouraging empathy and learning how to care for animals, this set is complete with over ten activities to engage little animal lovers. Kids will love learning what it takes to become a veterinarian and the hands-on learning of how a vet takes care of animals through the use of a working stethoscope, creating a plaster cast, suturing a foam dog, and more. $16.99

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