15 Diverse and Inclusive Toys for Kids

These toys celebrate our differences and what makes us unique. Kids learn about inclusivity at a young age and these companies have taken steps towards creating toys and games that represent our diverse world. From games that teach children about culture to dolls that don’t make children feel like they’re alone, these toys will begin to broaden your child’s perspective from an early age.

15 Diverse and Inclusive Toys for Kids


Colors of the World Skin Tone Crayons

Just recently launched this year by Crayola, the company released a box of crayons titled “Colors of the World.” These skin-toned crayons allow children to “accurately color themselves in the world.” The colors fall into three main shades of Almond, Golden and Rose and all the lighter or darker shades that fall in between. From the company itself, “The Subtle shades inside are formulated to better represent the growing diversity worldwide.”


Maya the Mermaid

When buying just one handcrafted doll, ten meals are provided to children in North America and around the world. Maya the Mermaid has won the best toy award four years in a row and has a goal of providing one million meals a year. It’s been safety-certified newborn and up, and is ready to be your child’s loving best friend.  



Perfect for your little one, this toy has five colorful pins with captivating textures that can be fitted into the slots of a weighted base. By matching the colors as you go, it is a toy fitting for your child who may have vision impairment. It also encourages the development of fine motor skills, sensory exploration and early experimentation.


Londynn More to Love Handmade Linen Doll: Sold out but reopening in August

This handmade linen doll is dressed with clothes specifically made for her. Londynn is currently sold out, but orders will be taken and will reopen August of this year. She is ready to be a great companion and gift for your young one.

Photo via Smithsonian Magazine

Barbie Fashionistas

The most diverse line of dolls to be released, featuring over 176 dolls of different skin tones, body types and hairstyles. These dolls will provide endless opportunities for storytelling. To focus on inclusivity, this line of Barbie dolls include dolls reflecting physical disabilities and even different hair textures. This line has expanded from the previous 2016 Barbie Fashionista, mentioned in a previous article of ours. Each doll has her own style and own story, ready for your child to play with.


Basket of Babies

A cute set of soft, multicultural dolls is perfect for your children to cuddle, dress and love. They have removable sack dresses that match their attached hats and they further inspire nurturing role-playing for your young ones.  


I Never Forget a Face Memory Game

Created by eeBoo, this memory game features faces of smiling children from 24 countries all over the world. While the game makes it challenging to match the characters with their home countries, children are exposed to different cultures. With this product, it will instill curiosity, imagination and creativity in your child.   


DO-A-DOT Markers

With each marker color identified in braille, it makes it easy to distinguish for visually impaired children. The markers help children learn braille, differentiate between the several colors and encourage them to be creative. There will be no messes and no wear out as there will be no drips or spills, and the markers won’t dry out if you forget to put the cap back on.


Peaceful Pals

These weighted stuffed animals can be your child’s next best friend. When choosing which stuffed buddy, you can choose the weight it can come with. Another option for kids who may have autism or anxiety as it serves as sensory stimulation. 

American Girl Doll Joss Kendrick

The American Girl 2020 Girl of the Year is Joss Kendrick and little ladies love her already! Joss Kendrick is a ten-year-old from Huntington Beach, California, who American Girl describes as “a fierce athlete born with hearing loss and a passion for surfing and competitive cheer.” Joss Kendrick is the first doll of the year with a disability woven into her story.



Creativity combined with sensory learning, Playfoam is great for sensory stimulation, which further helps kids with autism. It strengthens interest in creative play and development of visual artistic talent.  



Rated as one of the top baby toys of 2019 and reviewed by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, this sensory toy is great for children with down syndrome and autism. It features silicone bubbles built into a sturdy frame that encourages development of fine motor skills, sensory exploration and cause-effect learning.  


Diabetes Care Kit for Dolls

This kit developed by American Girl includes a variety of doll-sized tools to help children care for their Truly Me dolls with diabetes. It comes with a blood sugar monitor, insulin pump, insulin pen and a medical bracelet just to name some.   


Wonder Crew Dolls

“Wonder Crew was inspired by and built on inclusion, belonging, diversity, empathy, equality, and love – because it’s the only way to build a stronger, kinder world,” says Wonder Crew. Voted Doll of the Year Winner, there are four superheroes your little boy can choose from. Superhero Will, Marco, Erik and James are ready to be your son’s next best friend and playmate.


Hearts for Hearts Girls

With over eight dolls to choose from, Heart for Hearts Girls is out to change the world one heart at a time. The mission of this company is to “inspire girls to celebrate diversity, be agents of change in their lives, and positively impact the lives of those in their community, and ultimately the world.” Also for each doll purchased, Hearts for Hearts will donate $1 to World Vision. 

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