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  • Local Retailers Offering Pre- And Post-Natal Classes

    Four baby stores that offer classes for new parents.

    By New York Family
    Yummy Mummy owner Amanda Cole (Classic Kids Photography)
    Yummy Mummy owner Amanda Cole (Classic Kids Photography)

    In addition to the ones already mentioned in our main story, a number of popular baby and breastfeeding boutiques host classes for expectant and new parents.

    Upper Breast Side: As part of its mission as the city’s “original breastfeeding resource center,” it offers prenatal breastfeeding support classes.

    Wild Was Mama: The eco-friendly maternity, baby, and lifestyle store has regular classes offering prenatal information, breastfeeding support, baby wearing, infant massage and baby development.

    Yummy Mummy: The “all things breastfeeding” store not only has breastfeeding classes but also parents support groups, doula speed dating, and nanny and CPR safety.

    To read our round-up of pre-and post-natal education, exercise, and support classes around the city, click here.

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