New CAMP Store Opening in Columbus Circle!



New CAMP Location in Columbus Circle!

CAMP stores are the places to visit when you are walking around the city, and now the retail company is opening up a new location in Columbus Circle on July 1st! The new store will have all of the activities and products that kids have fallen in love with at the other stores, but this multi level store will be an experience you and your kids will never forget. This location will be open just in time for you to shop for some awesome summer toys for kids!

 When you think of a retail store, you picture a building that is selling clothes and other generic kids toys. CAMP stores offer a completely different experience. All of their locations offer different events and activities that kids and their parents can be a part of. The stores have themes they follow and are designed to feel like you’re stepping into a completely different world when you walk through the doors, filled with objects for kids to interact with and explore. 

At the Columbus Circle location, rooms are designed for future artists to get their hands dirty while also letting their imagination run wild! The location also sells unique products that will help your little ones continue to have their creative juices flowing when they are home.

CAMP at Columbus Circle already has a fun event planned for the day they open to kick off the celebration! Parents can reserve spots for them and their kids to take part in an interactive art experience. Families who reserve tickets are led to the third floor of the store where they are able to enjoy any art-themed experience or merchandise.

Kids can take the time to enjoy the Slime Lab and Splatter Room and can also make their own spin art and tie dye tees! Tickets are required for this event, but if you can’t get your hands on one, families are welcome to play and shop in the store’s 2nd level for free!

Safety Guidelines

Because of the health concerns we have been facing over the last year, CAMP wants to make sure you and your kids are staying safe while at the store. The stores have made some modifications to their crafts and activities in order to ensure the highest level of safety, and the store has routined cleanings scheduled. All of the store counselors and any customer above the age of 2 is still required to wear a mask in the store at all times.