5 Mom Hacks for Busy Parents


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5 Mom Hacks For Busy Parents

Parents have been doing a lot in the past year. Not that we weren’t already utilizing our mad parenting skills, but if ever there was a time to “bring it,” we have brought it with saving money on the grocery bills, helping with Zoom classes, and doing hacks to save time and money. But really it just makes sense to figure out some easy ways to do simple things in these crazy times.

We love a good hack and here are five ways I have been using mom hacks this past year at work and at home.

pair of blue jeans

Extend Your Favorite Jeans Waistline

If your jeans are a bit tight lately, you are not alone. While I have that mom friend who looks as thin as she did before lockdown, most of us mere mortals have been indulging a bit during the quarantine. And hey, comfort food is just that; it brings comfort. But alas, your jeans are a bit tight, and while you do not quite need to size up, you do require a little room in the midsection.
This trick I have used as a stylist is easy, and it works:

  • First, you need to commit to cutting into your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Next, you take a great pair of scissors, I use fabric scissors, but a sturdy pair should do the job.
  • Cut into the back waistline of your jean. I find that two cuts spaced about three inches apart (slit cuts) work. Do not cut into the seam line of the waistband.
  • Next, take denim iron-on patches, cut in half and fold the patch over the cut area, iron on both sides and pull to make sure it is sturdy.

Give them a try on; if you need more room, try cutting another slit. And voila, you have just given your jeans a little more room.

yellow pencil

Replace the Backing of an Earring…Pronto

You have finally gotten the hang of wearing a face mask with earrings and clink; one of the backings to your earring is missing, and your earring is on the floor. Here is an easy fashion emergency trick. Got a pencil? Pull out the back of the eraser and gently squeeze it into the post of the back of your earring. And there you have it, your earring now has a backing, and you can go on with your day.

phone in a plastic bag

Protect Your Phone for Pennies

A hard lesson learned from the recent snowstorms is that it is easy for your phone to get wet even if it is in your pocket. And if you have older kids, they actually roll in the snow or happily walk in the rain while they have their phone halfway out of their jacket. While you do not want to jump in a pool with this Ziplock baggie trick, a significant benefit to this trick is you can still use the touchscreen while protecting your phone for pennies!

punching holes in a leather strap

Hole Puncher

If you often need to have extra holes in belts or straps to your bags, you may want to invest in a hole puncher. Most are under twenty dollars and are easy to use. One visit to the cobbler can be about $15, this handy tool can last years and save you money in the long run.

Mark an even dot with a pencil or a marker and press into the hole gently to make an indention. You will then push into the gap a bit harder to go through the hole.


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Use Velcro for Childproofing

While there are well-made babyproofing items available out there, I have personally found that Velcro is one of the best and most affordable tools to use throughout the house for firm, uncluttered childproofing. Use on cabinets for a clean look if you aren’t into some of the baby proofing gadgets out there. Velcro is also great to use as an extra reinforcement on drawers with sharp cutlery, cabinets, trays, and picture frames — items that babies and toddlers love to get their hands on.

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