Nike Adventure Club: Innovative & Active Shoe Shopping for Kids

Shopping for your little one’s shoes is always a hassle, yet you somehow always find yourself back at the shoe store, trying on shoe after shoe. That’s because kids’ feet grow quickly, so you’re constantly needing a new pair. And the way that kids play, at recess and after school in their neighborhood, their shoes break down pretty easily. While it’s certainly not their fault, as kids should be encouraged to play outside with their friends, it seems that we find ourselves in this endless shoe cycle that’s not fun for anyone. Parents have to take time out of their busy days to pick up a pair of shoes, and kids have to spend their time trying on shoes, as their patience quickly runs out. And when you shop online for shoes, there are so many options that the whole process is quite overwhelming. You’re also more prone to mistakes in sizing when you order online, because it’s hard to know the size of your kid’s foot for sure. 

The “Easy” Solution: Technology

In a technology-centered society, iPhone and iPads have become the solution to shoe shopping. In order to get kids to stay quiet and patient as their parents search for the perfect shoe, they’re often handed a device to play games, take Snapchat selfies, or watch Netflix. While technology is an essential aspect of our day to day lives, it is now central to kids’ lives too, replacing classic, indoor and outdoor play, interaction, creation, and imagination with a screen. 

Nike: Problem-Solution Mindset

Nike, a leading brand in sport innovation, sustainability, creativity, and diversity, prides itself in addressing problems and finding solutions. After recognizing the burden put on both kids and parents when shoe shopping, in addition to the negative impact this problem creates, Nike set their minds on devising a solution. And, as we all know, when Nike sets their mind on something, they accomplish it. The outcome of Nike’s problem-solution mindset is Nike Adventure Club

Here’s a sneak peek to some of the Nike Adventure Club shoes! We’ll get more into shoe specifics soon…

How it Works

The new spin on shoe shopping, designed for kids ages 2 to 10, Nike Adventure Club delivers a box of shoes right to your door. You begin by signing up for a membership on, starting at $20 a month for 4 pairs of shoes per year. Nike finds that most families sign up for 4 pairs, and then upgrade their membership as time goes on. Using the input from several communities of shoppers, Nike selected Nike and Converse shoes for you to choose from. Your kids can easily browse the shoes and select their favorite design, ranging from sizes 4c to 7y, categorized by Toddler Sizes, Little Kids Sizes, and Big Kids Sizes. The box that the shoes come in is directly addressed to your kid, with their name inside. The box is also covered in doodles, which were inspired by Nike’s meetings with families, in which they saw kids’ doodles on paper. Nike wanted kids to have an outlet to get creative from the very start with the box, in which they can color and doodle even more with crayons or markers. After you receive your Adventure Kit (we’ll get to all of the adventures inside!), begin your active adventures with your new shoes!   

What’s Inside the Box

Besides the obvious answer of you kid’s shoes, the box is like Mary Poppins’ bag, full of surprises. Kids get a new Adventure Guide with each pair of shoes. You might be wondering, what exactly is an adventure guide? The Adventure Guide is part of Nike’s solution to get kids back outside, engaging their minds and bodies in active play, rather than technology consumption. Inside are several activities and challenges for kids to do, making their time of play and imagination a true adventure as they make their way through the guide. In addition to the guide, there’s a foot magnet, which helps parents measure their kid’s feet for shoes. Nike found that parents love to mark the progress of their kid’s foot growth on the magnet: a sign of time passing and their little ones getting older! Kids will also get a surprise in their box, such as a Nike Adventure Club drawstring bag. Oh, and did we mention that there are stickers! Kids love collecting the stickers inside the Nike Adventure Club box.   

Here’s a sneak peek to what a Nike Adventure Guide looks like!


You might even get a surprise in your box, like this drawstring Nike Adventure Club bag!

Problem: Finding the Right Shoe Size, Solution: Foot Magnet, Nike Fit, and Size History

The foot magnet is part of the solution to determining the correct foot size of your child, as it’s difficult to predict when one foot is often slightly bigger than the other and their feet just keep growing! Nike Adventure Club also tracks your shoe history so that you can see what size you were when you last purchased a pair of shoes. If you’re on the 12 pair plan, you’ll get a new pair of shoes every 30 days, and it’s likely that your shoe size won’t change every month. Consult your saved history to easily know your size. Now, read carefully, because this is a huge perk of Nike Adventure Club: free shipping, returns, and size & style exchanges! There’s no rush with your new pair of shoes. You’re not in the store, hustling to find a pair of shoes and leave, as your kid’s attention span lessens by the second. You can take your time trying on the shoes and seeing whether they fit well, reducing opportunities for mistakes. If you need a different size or style, simply return or exchange for free. Finding the perfect shoe has never been so convenient and simple.

Find your perfect size at Nike Adventure Club! No worries if it doesn’t fit- simply exchange or return for no additional cost.

Problem: Too Much Technology, Not Enough Adventure, Solution: Adventure Guide, Weekly Challenges, and Downloadable Activities

We’ve covered the Adventure Guide, but Nike took even more strides towards encouraging active play and exploration. Nike Adventure Club posts Weekly Challenges: fun activities led by a club member! Weekly Challenges not only support activity of the mind and body, but they instill perseverance and incorporate a challenge element in everyday life. Nike also posts downloadable activities, so if kids finish their Adventure Guide and want more activity suggestions, they have another resource to turn to. Examples of activities include Crab Soccer, Penny Toss, Rhythm Relay, Paper Copter, and more! The diversity in activities keeps kids engaged and ensures that there is something for every child. Crab Soccer taps into physical activity, while Rhythm Relay encourages music and memory. Penny Toss is a creative game for all to enjoy, and Paper Copter engages your mind and introduces a bit of arts and crafts. The activities that Nike developed are not simply “soccer” or “running;” they each are creative and unique games, activities, and challenges. According to Nike, “adventure is a verb.” 

Check out the downloadable Rhythm Relay activity! Photo by Nike Adventure Club.

Problem: Active Kids Wear Down Their Shoes Quickly, And Trips to the Shoe Store Are Last on Everyone’s List (Parents and Kids), Solution: Multiple Membership Plans

Nike Adventure Club offers three membership plans

  1. Four pairs per year, new pair every 90 days, $20/month
  2. Six pairs per year, new pair every 60 days, $30/month
  3. 12 pairs per year, new pair every 30 days, $50/month

With a new pair of shoes always on the way, you no longer have to worry when shoes break down. Parents feel secure knowing that they are guaranteed a certain number of shoes per year for their little one, and they don’t have to schedule visits to the shoe store around their already busy lives. You can also change membership plans whenever you need, so if you start at 4 pairs per year, but realize that your little ones are going through shoes left and right, simply upgrade to another plan. Similarly, you can also cancel your membership at anytime. Unlike other memberships, there are no hidden costs or terms in your Nike Adventure Club membership: the choice is always up to you. 

Problem: Shoe Shopping is Seen as a Hassle for Parents and Kids, Solution: High Quality & Stylish Shoe Selection of Nike and Converse, Nike Adventure Club is For and About Kids

Let’s dive into the Nike Adventure Club Kicks! Not only can you browse Nike shoes, but you also get to choose from a selection of Converse. We’re obsessed with CT High Star Unicorns, which have a pattern of unicorns and rainbows on the printed canvas outer, and a unicorn design on the bottom. We also love the Flex Runner, which is perfect for kids who enjoy athletics and adventure. You can wear them to gym class or running around on the track, and they’re super easy to slip on and off with no laces. Flex Runner comes in four colors, but we’re big fans of Electric Green!

We love these electric green, Flex Runner shoes for your active little one!

If you’re looking for a classic, never go out of style shoe, we recommend Court Borough Mid in white. With the iconic Nike swoosh on the side and “NIKE” printed on the heel, your little one will surely gravitate towards this shoe. The shoe is also very comfortable with a high padded collar and rubber cup soles for extra stability.

These classic kicks, Court Borough Mid in white, are always a must-buy!

All of these shoes and styles are amazing — there’s something for every kid, but there are also not hundreds of options to the point where you feel overwhelmed. With great shoes to choose from, shoe shopping is no longer an obligation with Nike Adventure Club. First and foremost, Nike Adventure Club is for and about kids. In addressing the box to kids with their name and making the box easy and accessible for kids to open themselves, Nike creates a new shoe shopping experience that induces independence and adventure. Kids feel excited when they get their box of shoes in the mail because they know that they’re not only getting a new pair of kicks, but the Adventure Guide, the box to color, and maybe even a surprise! And as parents watch their kids’ faces light up with excitement, they also feel proud of themselves and happy for their adventure-seeking kids. 

Kids love seeing their name on the box! Photo by Nike Adventure Club.

Problem: What Do We Do With All of the Grown-Out or Worn Down Shoes? Solution: Give Back to Communities and Recycle to Benefit the Future of Our World

When your kids grow out of shoes, often times their shoes are still in moderately good condition — they’re just too small for your growing kids now! Nike Adventure Club partners with Nike Grind to conduct two shoe collections per year: one around Earth Day and one around Thanksgiving. Nike will send you a prepaid return bag, and they ask that you collect all of your old shoes that you and your kids no longer wear. Whether the shoes look brand new or they’re extremely worn down, Nike still wants them! When Nike receives all of the shoes, they sort through them to donate all of the ones that are in good condition to families in need. Nike recycles all of the remaining shoes and turns them into playgrounds for local communities and new surfaces. Shoes shouldn’t end up in landfills, and Nike recognizes that! 

This surface was made out of recycled shoes!

Nike Adventure Club: Get Started Today

Nike Adventure Club is not only about addressing problems and finding solutions, but it’s about developing what’s next. It’s about innovation that benefits the future. And it’s about kids. With Nike Adventure Club, Nike preserves the future of play and activity of the mind and body. In a society that is quickly changing, with the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu and the age of getting a first iPhone steadily lowering to 8 and 9-year-old kids, Nike protects and promotes the value of active movement, creation, and thought. Keeping in tune with the mom-hack or dad-hack culture of making things simpler for parents, Nike accomplishes this in the most convenient fashion for parents, eliminating the previous stress and concern associated with shoe shopping for kids. As the school year approaches and you begin your back-to-school shopping, visit to sign up for your membership and begin your epic adventure. 

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