Mom Hacks—New York City Mom Must-Haves

Between feeding, clothing, transporting, teaching, entertaining, and somehow surviving all that parenting throws at us, we have zero time for standing in lines at stores. With nine kids between the three of us who make up The Buy Guide’s team, there’s no way we want to take them to grab groceries or a new outfit. We quickly became online shopping experts. We’ve done all the research, we are good at finding the best of everything, and we love sharing with you!

City-mom is a totally different gig than suburban-mom. One of us, Taylor, had her first three babies living in the financial district. For eight years, she drove a stroller instead of a mini-van and navigated the crowded sidewalk instead of carpool lines. She sometimes wished for a garage or a backyard, but we envied how EVERYTHING could be delivered, and the adventure she found with her kids on every corner. They are some of her happiest memories. With a great doorman, The Buy Guide, and Amazon Prime, city moms might have the best life.

Here are our absolute mom must-haves for life in the city: