The Mark Slade Team is Here to Help You Find The Right Home

Mark Slade

The Mark Slade Team is Here to Help You Find The Right Home

As many families decide to move from the city to the suburbs, parents want to work with brokers who care. Like really care, who go that extra mile or two and ‘get’ that moving from the city they love is a big move. And as many families know, moving to the suburbs is a win-win, as trains are close by, more people can work hybrid or remote schedules now, and buying a house means more space, a tight-knit community, and excellent school choices and your own yard to hang out. So who should you turn to? If looking to move to Essex, Union, or Morris Counties, Mark Slade is your best choice!

Why Mark Slade 

With 12 years in business and over 750 lifetime transactions, Mark and business partner Maryceu Nunes (and fiance!) have led their team to sell over $50 Million worth of property in 2021 alone. The best part is they LOVE what they do! Their motto is Home, Community, Giving, and Gratitude. And they give back to the community and do so by sponsoring a dozen-plus events throughout the year in the general area. This gives them a chance to support the communities where they live and earn their livings and allows them to see their clients and continue these relationships in a natural environment. These values are the core of how they operate.

From the Fashion World to a Real Estate Empire

After a career in the fashion industry that elevated Mark into an Executive Vice president role – he found himself caught in the everchanging world of fashion. For a short period, he was unemployed and on food stamps. Rather than dwell on this unfortunate turn, he happily pivoted and used his dual degree in economics and fine arts coupled with his passion for architecture and ventured into a career in Real Estate.

Mark and his team get it. The Mark Slade team recognizes buying a home is a big deal. So whether a client has the funds to buy a home outright or on a budget, Mark and his team come with life experience. They can help you envision the space, will negotiate on your behalf, help secure a home, and provide advice on improvements and protecting what is most often your most significant single investment.  In fact, Mark has authored a book for first time home buyers:  “Don’t Get Ripped Off On Your First Home Purchase.”

Call Mark Slade

If you want to move across the Hudson and explore homes in Essex, Union, or Morris Counties, this team is your best choice. And for clarification’s sake, while it may seem to be a large amount of territory to cover, the Mark Slade team will just as easily meet you in Summit, Chatham, Montclair or Maplewood. In fact, their Maplewood base is perfectly positioned in the middle of what Mark refers to as the “arc,” making their team the best choice to pick you up at a train station and covering a variety of nearby towns that could end up becoming your community of choice.

At Mark Slade Homes Team, they don’t sell only homes; they help people choose the right community to live in and raise their families. So, meet with this dynamic team, buy a home with them, and you never know when you will be sitting down for dinner at a local restaurant and will be surprised by an unexpected round of drinks! There is nothing more heartwarming for the Mark Slade team than to see their clients “around town.”

Call or text Mark at 917-797-5059 for a free copy of his acclaimed buyer’s book or his short guide to buying a home.