Make A New Friend On Sesame Street

Scenes from the latest Sesame Street Live show

If you would have asked me five years ago: “Did I think someday I would be at Sesame Street Live’s latest show on a cold snowy Sunday morning?” I would have answered with a resounding “No!”

Fast forward five years, a wife, and a son later and here I am at the theater at Madison Square Garden at a performance of “Sesame Street Live: Make A New Friend,” and I couldn’t be happier. The joy I feel not only from my son and his friend is fantastic, but the feeling in the room from all the happy, smiling kids and their parents can’t help but ensure you are in a great mood.

The show itself is fantastic with great messages about inclusion, friendship, and meeting new people. The premise of the show is that Grover has a friend who is visiting from India named Chamki. Everyone on Sesame Street is excited to meet her and make her feel welcome. All the characters perform songs and dance. The show culminates in a big Indian dance number that has Chamki taught to all of her new friends. All the characters leave happy (except for Oscar the Grouch, as he is always grouchy).

I think the show is great for kids ages 2-5, and maybe a little bit younger as well. My son is 2 and was able to pay attention and clap along the whole time. If you have the opportunity to go I highly recommend it. Sesame Street live was a phenomenal experience for the whole family.

To learn more about “Sesame Street Live: Make A New Friend,” visit!

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Alex Schweitzer is the special projects director for New York Family.