Learning Support for Your Child is Here!

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Learning Support for Your Child is Here!

The last two years of school have been challenging. And what we have learned thus far is the resilience of fantastic educators, schools, and of course, our kids. While there have been hurdles, this is understandable; we have never dealt with a pandemic (!).

Here are a few signs that may mean your child needs some learning support:

  • They seem frustrated, more so than ever, and are vocally sharing that they cannot understand a specific subject
  • Their teacher has expressed that your child may have a learning challenge

Learning Support comes in many different forms:

NYC has it all, from intensive tutoring for those experiencing learning challenges to those who offer coaching and enrichment classes to help children fulfill their highest potential. Some tutoring and enrichment programs provide scholarships, so make sure to check out what they offer to decide which service is the best fit. There is assistance out there, once you have chosen your resource, reach out to plan out your child’s education guidance and support!

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Learning Support Directory

Launch Math + Science CentersManhattan
173 West 81st Street, NY

Launch Math + Science Centers offers intensive, one-on-one math tutoring for students from Pre-K to 8th grade. Launch provides a completely customized learning experience and offers in-center, in-home, and virtual options. From schoolwork support, homework help to prepare students for standardized tests to their engaging and inspiring instructors Launch Math + Science Centers serve as more than just any “tutor” for your child. They offer a nurturing experience that enables students to trust and bond so that children may do their best learning. The Launch tutoring program is also offered in a group (or “pod”) format to provide a more economical solution for families.

The LearnatoryManhattan & Brooklyn
Serving all of NYC and beyond
(347) 787-0435

The Learnatory is an education technology platform combining data-driven analytics, insightful human assessments, and life coaching to help youth and teens envision success empowering them to dream, learn, and achieve. Educators at the Learnatory inspire students by helping them identify their passions, connect with their purpose, and develop the skills to turn their dreams into realities.  They focus on students’ development of skills in Entrepreneurship and STEAM striving to make them academically, socially-emotionally, and industry-ready to meet the challenges of a global, technology-based economy.  Their goal is to teach students skills that foster a lifetime of success and happiness.

Prep for Prep – Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
163 West 91st Street
New York, NY 10024

Prep for Prep develops ethical and effective leaders who reflect our diverse society. We help students enroll and thrive in top independent schools (commonly known as private schools) in New York City and boarding schools across the Northeast. Prep provides free academic preparation, mental wellness support, and career exploration for students from middle school through college. Life-changing opportunities for your child include arts and entrepreneurship programs, paid internships, leadership retreats, college guidance, and access to a network of nearly 4,000 highly accomplished alumni who are leaders in their fields. Applications are now available for public, parochial, and charter school students in grades 5 to 7 in the NYC metropolitan area.