Math Tutors and Online Resources in New York City

With the school year in full swing, New York City kids are off to a fresh academic start. The school year can be filled with fun, opportunity, and of course, some challenges. For many students, a challenge can be a math class. It is very common for students of any age to struggle with math at some point in time. Math can be difficult for a variety of reasons. It is a cumulative subject that requires a lot of practice, which can be intimidating and overwhelming for many kids.

As parents, we are always trying to help our children succeed, even if it means sitting for hours at a time to help them with homework. Other times, it means hiring a professional that can help. An outside service will make sure your child gets the help they need and reinforce the skills required to excel in class. If your child struggles with math, there are plenty of options for math tutoring and online resources in New York City.


MATH 1-2-3
155 E 49th St.

Founded in January of 1995, MATH 1-2-3 is a premium home tutoring and test prep service, specializing in all levels of mathematics. Their programs range from elementary school to college-level calculus. Additionally, they also offer prep for sections of standardized tests and look to tackle calculator dependency among students. Although they are located in Manhattan, MATH 1-2-3 offers private home tutoring in all five boroughs of New York City. MATH 1-2-3 only hires tutors they consider experts, which includes math professors, engineers, architects and accountants.

Neighborhood: Midtown

Eureka Math Tutoring

Operating out of Manhattan, Eureka offers private at-home math tutoring to the New York City area. Beginning with a customized math assessment, Eureka tutors will look to understand your child’s individual learning needs. Then, they will design a personalized tutoring plan which addresses specific topics and track your child’s progress and achievement of goals. With expert tutors and affordable rates, Eureka’s curriculum is NYC Common Core Aligned and hands-on, including application in STEM and visual learning methods.

Alexander Math & Physics Tutoring
Locations throughout Manhattan

The highest-rated tutoring service in San Francisco has come to New York. Alexander Tutoring is renowned for their unique approach to teaching math and science. Primarily focused on middle school and high school students, they have many success stories in their 10-year history of helping San Francisco students excel in these challenging subjects. One of their claims to fame is that they use actual physicists to teach math and physics. They create a customized education plan for each student and then meet them in local libraries, where the atmosphere is just right. Limited spaces are available for the 2019/2020 school year.


Sylvan of Downtown Brooklyn
297 Livingston St., Brooklyn, NY 11217

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Sylvan is a national leader in tutoring and test prep services, offering personalized tutoring, academic coaching and STEM enrichment. They create diverse math programs and customized learning plans that work best for your child. Specifically, the Sylvan of Downtown Brooklyn designs their curriculum to mirror the way lessons are taught in local schools and hire experts who are familiar with the area to create extra reinforcement of math concepts.

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Math Tutors

Founded in 2008, Brooklyn Math Tutors operates with a simple philosophy; “Make math fun, the process of learning enjoyable, and the rest follows.” With tutors who are not only experts but also compassionate and inspirational teachers, Brooklyn Math Tutors offers one-on-one academic support for children in grades three through 12, along with standardized test prep and a variety of free online resources. Online resources include materials focusing on organization and motivation, the insides of the tutoring industry, standardized test prep and summer study guides. In-home tutoring is offered in Manhattan and Brooklyn, along with online tutoring via Skype.


108-14 72nd Ave., Forest Hills, NY 11375

Using the “Mathnasium Method”, this math-only learning center looks to transform the way your kids understand and appreciate math by building upon what they already know and boosting their confidence. Memberships with flexible attendance, summer programs and private tutoring for special circumstances are all available. For students in grades one through 12, Mathnasium will pinpoint their needs and teach in a way that makes sense to them while helping them overcome frustrations.

Neighborhood: Forest Hills

Math Matters
40-17 82nd St., Elmhurst, NY 11373

Created in 2010, Math Matters offers reasonably priced tutoring packages which include small classes for elementary and high school kids, taught by retired professors and graduate students. Students are also given a personalized lesson plan which is determined by an entry exam and their report cards and grades. Help ranges from topics covered by Common Core to prep for Regents exams. Math Matters also looks to create a sense of community with their students, offering events and alumni networking and outreach.

Neighborhood: Elmhurst


Kumon Math and Reading Center of Bedford Park
237 E. 204th St., Bronx, NY 10458

Kumon, a nationwide tutoring service with learning centers nationwide, offers a variety of classes and programs for students of every age. From counting and number sequencing to probability and statistics, Kumon offers a comprehensive curriculum that allows children to build the necessary skills. Additionally, Kumon also offers 30-minute worksheets that are completed in two sessions at Kumon and five sessions at home, which help to further accelerate your child and reinforcement and perfect their skills.

Neighborhood: Kingsbridge Heights

Bright Future Tutoring Services
820 Boynton Ave. Apt. 7F, Bronx, NY 10473

Bright Future offers private, one-on-one and small group tutoring services throughout the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. They offer kindergarten through 12th grade tutoring and prep for state standardized tests and college curriculum. Also, Bright Future looks to identify the root of your child’s issue and provide them with the instruction and encouragement needed to succeed. Additionally, Bright Future tutors have a quick response time and flexible hours, and take pride in excellent customer service.

Neighborhood: Soundview


506 Amsterdam, 144 W72nd
240 E82nd, 1026 3rd Ave
46 E11th St.
93 Pineapple Walk
392 Atlantic Ave

Mathnasium is structured as a learning center rather than a tutorial service. While a tutor helps students get through “tonight’s homework,” their primary role as a learning center is to uncover and directly address gaps in students’ knowledge that are the underlying causes of their current difficulties in school. Since math is a cumulative subject, it is extremely important to make sure that students have mastery of prerequisite knowledge from previous grades if they are going to have success in their current grade and beyond.

Neighborhoods: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Union Square, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill