New York City Lacrosse Classes, Camps, and Clubs for Kids

The New York City lacrosse scene is booming and has been for quite some time. The oldest organized sport in North America, its origins date back to a tribal game played by eastern Woodlands indigenous people and some Plaines Indians tribes.

These days, lacrosse enjoys an active, devoted following all across the country, and that’s no different in New York City. In fact, it’s become a popular sport, especially among children, and has become an organized sport in several schools.

New York City Lacrosse Organizations for Kids

If you have a child who is either an active lacrosse player or who is eager to learn, these New York City lacrosse resources will help them get started playing or improve their game. 


Yorkville Youth Athletic Association – Upper East Side
415 E 90th St.

Yorkville Youth Athletic Association offers lacrosse programs for all grades from beginners to more experienced players. They have fall, winter, or spring scheduling with indoor, outdoor, east side, and west side options. They also offer team lacrosse, as well. 

CityLax – Upper West Side
65 West 89th St.

CityLax is a non-profit devoted to growing the game of lacrosse across the city and bringing it to all children regardless of their economic means. 

They offer clinics throughout the year, as well as middle-school and high-school lacrosse team play. 

Harlem Lacrosse – Harlem
8 West 126th St.

Harlem Lacrosse is a non-profit, school-based organization that uses lacrosse to help give at-risk youth a constructive outlet and environment outside of school. 

Daily academic support, mentoring, leadership training, college readiness career exploration, and admissions counseling are all used hand-in-hand with lacrosse instruction to help keep children in high-risk areas on a path to self-improvement and success. 

Fast Break Sports – Upper East Side
1629 First Ave.

Fast Break Sports offers lacrosse classes that use a mix of skills, drills, and mini-games to help introduce youngsters to the sport. They offer classes on Sundays throughout the months of December through March. 



Brooklyn Lacrosse Club

Brooklyn Lacrosse Club is dedicated to growing the sport of lacrosse in the Brooklyn area. Through an emphasis on game fundamentals, teamwork, and respect, the club aims to bring a positive physical and emotional outlet to kids all across Brooklyn, regardless of their socio-economic status. 

The program is open to boys and girls from pre-K through 12th grade, and partners with lax.com to allow children in the club to purchase lacrosse equipment more affordably. 

Brooklyn Crescents – Bay Ridge
646 316-3041

The Brooklyn Crescents offers both classes and team play for children from Pee Wee ages and up. With indoor facilities to go along with their field, the organization is able to offer free clinics throughout the year to give all children the opportunity to play lacrosse. These clinics focus on basic lacrosse skills and include skill instruction and activities designed to keep kids interested and engaged. 


Bombers Lacrosse Club– Bay Terrace 

Bombers Lacrosse Club is committed to helping lacrosse players be their best selves both on and off the field. The club offers training, free clinics, help with college recruitment, and more. It’s a club designed to make lacrosse a positive part of a child’s life on all levels.

Queens of Lacrosse– Fresh Meadows

Queens of Lacrosse is the only all-girl lacrosse organization in all of NYC. Queens of Lacrosse aims to empower girls to be fearless both on and off the field, providing a foundation for their entire lives. The club offers practice and play for middle school through high school girls. 

No phone number or address is given. Please use the email contact form.

The Bronx

Bronx Lacrosse – Purchase
1 Manhattan Road, Suite 102

Bronx Lacrosse uses the power of team sport to provide educational and life opportunities to underserved students in the South Bronx. The organization uses lacrosse, along with full-day, year-round academic support to develop social and life skills and promote positive outcomes in children’s lives. 

City Wide

Doc’s NYC Youth Lacrosse – City Wide

Doc’s NYC Youth Lacrosse is focused on bringing a source of inspiration, work ethic, commitment, and positive activity to New York’s inner city and underserved youth. 

The club offers both winter and spring leagues that help children learn how to work in a team environment and have a lot of wholesome fun, keeping them out of trouble and on the right path. 

Use the contact form or emails provided on the website for more information on registration. 

City Stars– City Wide

City Stars is a lacrosse league program for boys in grades 9 through 12. The program offers six practice training sessions, three tournaments, and ULAX League Games. In addition, the platform is used as a recruitment tool for players, allowing them to use their prowess on the field to secure a better shot at college off the field. 

City Stars offers spring or summer play as well as both spring and summer play. 

Lacrosse Club of New York – City Wide

An elite lacrosse organization for kids in grades 3 through 11, LC New York Lacrosse takes the game seriously. In fact, participants must sign up for fall, winter, and summer programs to be admitted. 

This program is focused on bringing the highest standard of excellence possible to all of its members with practices as well as team play throughout the year. 

No phone or address is provided on the site, however, there is a ton of information regarding the specifics of their program. Interested parties should use the email contact form for more information. 

New York City Lacrosse Gear Resources

Lacrosse is a wonderful sport, but the kids can’t play it without gear. There are some excellent outlets where you can purchase lacrosse gear for your budding athlete.

Modell’s Sporting Goods – Bay Ridge
531 86th St.

Modell’s Sporting Goods – Downtown Brooklyn
464 Fulton St.

Modell’s Sporting Goods – Chelsea
430 Seventh Ave.

Paragon Sports – Union Square
867 Broadway

New York City Lacrosse is Building

Lacrosse is gaining more and more popularity throughout New York, and that can be seen in the increasing number of New York City lacrosse camps and organizations for kids. There’s a concerted effort to bring more lacrosse to more children all across the boroughs. We hope this list will be a resource to help all parents find classes and leagues for their children as well as gear and supplies.