The International Academy of New York Moves Back to Carnegie Hill, Expands Pre-Nursery Program

After a year of renovations, the International Academy of New York officially moved back to its permanent location in Carnegie Hill on July 1. Housed in a beautiful landmark designated building just a stone’s throw from Central Park, the Academy’s facilities include a library, a roof deck and a fully equipped kitchen. A three-year project to update the main lobby, classrooms and gymnasium will commence this summer. And come fall, the Academy will start accepting kids age 2 to its pre-nursery program.

“This will allow us to expand our school significantly,” says Director of Admissions Emily Benson of the renovations. The Academy eventually hopes to offer up to 8th grade.

Currently serving students in pre-nursery to 4th grade, the Academy is a growing non-profit organization with a focus on bilingual education in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. For about 40 percent of each week, students are immersed in their chosen foreign language through daily instruction and music classes as well as art classes three times a week, all taught by native Mandarin Chinese and Spanish speakers.

 “It’s not just about learning another language,” explains Benson. “It’s about building empathy and understanding for that culture.” Whether in the classroom, at lunch or at recess, students are encouraged to practice their conversation skills.

Language learning at the Academy starts as early as pre-nursery. Available five days a week with the option of half-day or full day schedules, the program immerses kids ages 3 – and now 2 – in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The primary goals at this age include language exposure through art as well as sound recognition and familiarity.

Though an immersive language education is at the forefront of the Academy’s mission, nurturing a multi-cultural community may be as equally important.

“We all come from different places,” says Benson. “It’s a really exciting place to be. We feel like this is a real image of what people think of when they think of New York as a melting pot.”

The International Academy of New York is once again located at 4 East 90th Street on the Upper East Side. For more information, call 212-641-0260 or visit the International Academy of New York's website.