Creative Ideas for Celebrating Passover as a Family in 2021

Creative Ideas for Celebrating Passover as a Family in 2021

Passover is starting on March 27th this year, and your whole family will get the chance to enjoy the festivities. Sometimes it can be hard to get young kids invested in the holiday, so it takes some creative ideas to get them involved in the traditions of the week. There’s so many amazing things associated with celebrating Passover, and your kids can truly appreciate them with these fun activities and games focused on their Passover experience.

If you’re looking for other fun family activities to enjoy this Passover weekend, check out Your Awesome New York Kids Weekend: March 26-28

Make an Afikoman Bag

One of the highlights of Passover seder for kids is searching for and finding the Afikoman for which they usually receive some kind of prize. It’s an easy activity to get kids up and moving during the holiday. Make the experience even more interactive by allowing kids to create their own Afikoman bag to carry their goodies. It’s an easy craft to get them in the spirit of Passover and allow them to share their own creativity over the holiday. You can get started with this simple no sew version of the bag.

Make Elijah Cups

An important part of celebrating Passover is leaving a place at the table for Elijah with his own cup. You can involve your kids in this great tradition by having them make their own decorative cups for Elijah. Using glitter and string, your kids can share their creativity in the Passover spirit, and you can use it to teach kids the significance of Elijah’s seat at the table. For some ideas on how to help kids decorate their cups, check out this example using string and sequins.

Create an Edible Plague Basket

Make the 10 plagues unforgettable to kids with some of their favorite treats representing each one. For kids, it can be hard to remember all the plagues in order, but this fun basket will liven up the seder experience for the younger members of the family. From jello representing blood to frozen pomegranate ice cubes for the hail your kids will never forget this educational basket. For some delicious ideas you can put in your baskets, check out this link.

Matzah for celebrating passover

Make Matzah

Matzah is a staple of celebrating Passover, and it’s a simple recipe that any family can create. It’s an easy combination of flour, water, and salt that you can make into any shape or size. Your kids will get the chance to interact with every aspect of celebrating Passover and feel like they were a part of putting it all together. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids about the significance of Matzah in Passover traditions. Check out this easy Matzah recipe everyone can help make.

Look at Passover Around the World

Celebrating Passover is a different experience depending on where you are in the world. There are lots of traditions surrounding the holiday in other countries around the world. Your family can look up these many traditions, and use them in your own celebration. It’s an opportunity to relate your own family’s experience to the greater world around you, and understand the scope of the holiday you celebrate every year. To get started, check out Passover Around the World by Tami Lehman-Wilzig.

Get K’ilu Kit: Passover Adventure

K’ilu Kits are exciting adventures celebrating Passover designed for kids 3-8 to enjoy. This audio experience and storytelling kit takes kids through the history of Passover. The kits will be the perfect way to celebrate at home with creative activities that will stimulate your family’s imagination. It will get your kids invested in the story they’ve heard before by presenting it in a new way they can interact with. The kits are available for just $18. Get yours here.

Seder Grab-Bag Game

This is a creative thinking game everyone in the family can participate in. Have your kids run around the house and pick several small items to put in a bag. Later, at the dinner table, have everyone reach into the bag one at a time and create a Passover related story including their item. It’s a fun family game that will get everyone’s minds turning with creativity and will make people think about Passover in a completely different and exciting way.

10 Plagues Card Game

If you’re looking for even more ways to get kids involved in celebrating Passover traditions, you can check out these printable plague cards. Each of these cards has a picture of the plague, the name of it in English and in Hebrew, and a number that can help teach kids the basics of the plagues. You can use them for learning the plague sequence, practicing Hebrew, and if you print out two sets of cards, you can play memory games. It’s an exciting way to introduce kids to the basics of the Passover celebration.

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