How to Celebrate World Teachers Day 2021!

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How to Celebrate World Teachers Day

Over these last 18 months, teachers all over the world have stepped up and overcame obstacles to make sure that our kids were getting the best education they could during a global pandemic. Since October 5th is World Teachers Day, this is the perfect time to show your teachers how you care and appreciate them for tackling this difficult year. Go the extra mile and take part in these fun ways to celebrate World Teacher Day!

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Donate School Supplies to Your Teacher

Although teachers do get funds for their classroom, many of them have to spend their own money to get enough supplies for all of their students. Take some of the burden away from your educators and donate school supplies such as pencils and pens or dry erase markers that they will be able to use throughout the year!

Write A Card

Giving a card to your favorite teacher is one of the best and easiest ways to show them how much you appreciate them! You can either go out and buy a card or you can take the time and make one from scratch. The card can either be a personal gift from your kids or include the whole class and have each student write a fun note inside.

Have Students Make A Special Craft

If you are looking to get your teacher a sentimental gift for World Teachers Days but you don’t want to break the bank, spend some time making a DIY gift or craft! Go online and look for something that you can help your kids make that your teacher will love showing off in their classroom. Get creative by making your teacher a Thank You Flower Pot or a Wooden Teacher Pencil Sign.

Be Your Teacher’s Helper

Teachers are constantly running around to keep track of their students and sometimes they might need an extra hand. Students can help with little tasks in the classroom such as helping to pass out and collect any papers or volunteer to be the line leader when going to lunch or recess. All of these little gestures will go a long way with your teachers!

Decorate Your Teacher’s Door

Since we are now back in person, get permission from your school to go in and decorate your teachers door! Figure out what day works best for you to go in and then choose what kind of design you would like to try. Pinterest has many great door decorating ideas that are both easy to do and very cute!

Make a Class Video

If you are trying to think of something fun to do that your teachers can cherish forever, have students come together (virtually) and make a class video. Arrange for all of the students in the class to send a short video of them saying how much they appreciate their teachers or any fun memories they have. Collect all of the videos and make a fun montage that the whole class can watch together.