Family-Friendly Buildings in NYC: The Solaire Makes City Life Easier for Families

Family-Friendly Buildings in NYC: The Solaire Makes City Life Easier for Families

There are many benefits of raising a kid in New York City—but it isn’t easy. Living in a family-friendly building, however, can help. In fact, an apartment building with family-friendly amenities can make life with kids even easier than the suburbs. Parents can relax and have fun without the need for too much babysitting. With nearby playgrounds and a good school district, this chaotic city can feel livable—even pleasant. It shouldn’t be too much to ask—so we did some digging and found that one of the best downtown condos for families is The Solaire.

The Solaire’s apartments are family friendly.

Located in Battery Park City, The Solaire’s luxury waterfront apartments are in the nation’s First LEED Platinum high rise. Now available to purchase for the first time, these LEED-certified residences have the distinct legacy of being one of the most prominent residential buildings in lower Manhattan. For years they have been home to a cohesive community of residents who love the building and the neighborhood—where there are lots of things to do with kids in lower Manhattan.

The Solaire offers the perfect setting for families, starting with high-performing air filtration systems that improve indoor air quality. The noise-reducing windows keep the home quiet during naptime while offering captivating Hudson River and park views.

Little kids will revel in the light-filled, nature-themed playroom, while older ones can get their video game on in the media room. Kids can also enjoy the many unique neighborhood activities like baseball at the ball fields or swimming at Asphalt Green. Plus, parents will love the ease and convenience of entertaining at home—on the landscaped roof terrace with outdoor kitchens, dining areas, a sundeck, and gardens.

Parents can find some much-needed balance in The Solaire’s Fitness Center. The beautiful blonde oak floors and natural materials complement the state-of-the-art weight training and cardio equipment. There’s also an intimate training studio for meditation and movement. It’s the perfect place to shape up or stretch out—or just get away from it all without going too far.

The Solaire’s downtown location is great for families.

These downtown condos are located within walking distance of great schools and parks. For example, the family can literally walk out onto both Teardrop Park, with its iconic slide, and Rockefeller Park, with great playgrounds, dog runs, and walking paths—perfect for taking in the sunset over the Hudson River. Plus, Battery Park City is one of Manhattan’s most walkable neighborhoods: Grab a milkshake at Shake Shack, a movie at the Regal, a book from the library, or take a ride on the famous SeaGlass Carousel. The Solaire is also close to Tribeca and the South Street Seaport, with easy ferry and subway access.

The Solaire apartments are now available to own. 

And now Solaire residents can truly plant their roots in the neighborhood because The Solaire apartments are available to own for the first time, starting from $700,000. The building is currently accepting appointments for tours to showcase the different residential options—with two distinct residence styles: The Original Solaire Collection and the beautifully redesigned COOKFOX Collection.

There are enormous benefits of raising kids in New York City—diversity, culture, and good schools are just a few. And while daily life in Manhattan can be a challenge, a family-friendly building like The Solaire can make all the difference.


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