Enjoy The Winter Weather At Winter Jam NYC 2017

Photo by Daniel Avila/NYC Parks

Imagine it: pristine white snow will cover the ground and locals will come to ski, snowboard, and enjoy the winter weather, right in the middle of New York City. Sounds impossible, right?

It’s real. Thanks to the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, winter sports lovers will have a chance to hit the slopes, right in Central Park, as part of the 2017 Winter Jam on January 28. It is the 16th year of the snowy festival and it’s perfect for all ages. Crystal Howard, the Parks Department’s Director of Media Relations, believes the Winter Jam’s premise is simple: “Host a winter sports park in the middle of New York City for all to enjoy, no matter what their age.”

There will be a myriad of attractions at Winter Jam NYC, including a snow field, snowshoeing for little ones, and Arctic Golf! For those trying out the sports for the first time, there will be instructional programs in skiing and snowboarding. Last but not least, there will be sledding on the fresh white powder. If you have a favorite board to ride, bring it and head straight out to play, but for those without, equipment will be provided on site at no cost.

It can be hard to predict snowfall in the city, even in the spacious Central Park. Thanks to Gore Mountain, that is not a problem with the Winter Jam. The folks at Gore Mountain make approximately two acres of fresh snow, at around a foot deep throughout the area. Howard told us that the snow is made out of a combination of water and compressed air – and the temperature must be 28 degrees or below.

The Winter Jam will also feature the Taste NY Winter Market, which will have a wide selection of snacks and treats from local vendors. It is a great place to stop in to warm up a bit if the chill starts getting to your family. For the true New Yorkers, there will also be food trucks.

If you want to get involved with the Winter Jam, there is still time to volunteer to help out. Volunteers help the whole day run smoothly, from facilitating activities and helping with crowd control to helping guests get their gear on and off. To volunteer, just fill out the form here before January 16th.

According to Howard, previous Winter Jams have drawn upwards of 25,000 people! So whether you’re a Shaun White-in-training or you’ve never hit the slopes before, the Winter Jam is a great day to have some outdoors fun with the whole family.

Winter Jam takes place on Saturday, January 28, from 11am – 3pm.

To find out more about Winter Jam NYC 2017, visit their web site.