Elle Belle Visits “PAW Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue!”

Photo Courtesy of bochcenter.org

You’ll be on a roll at “PAW Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue!” presented by Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group. At their first-ever live stage show, Ryder and all my favorite pups came to New York City, transporting the audience to Adventure Bay for a rescue. There was no job too big for my favorite “PAW Patrol” pups on the big stage. From the first number to the grand finale, I had a blast while also learning that team work and helping others are a winning combination.

The entire show was like a dream come true. With creative costumes, spectacular special effects, super songs, and doggie dances, there was adventure at every turn. This made for a magnificent morning as the stage transformed with electronic scenery and special effects along the way.

Ryder was there to personally welcome us on the day of the Great Race between Adventure Bay’s Mayor Goodway and Foggy Bottom’s Mayor Humdinger, but no one could find Mayor Goodway and the race was about to start! Before I knew it, Ryder was taking out his pup pad and calling all my favorite pups to the stage: Marshall, Chase, Skye, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, and Everest were all there for the great race. They made their grand entry to the catchy “PAW Patrol” theme song that we all know and love. Each pup performed a pup-tacular rap about themselves that had everyone howling, dancing, and cheering along. It was only topped by everyone busting a move to the “Pup-Pup Boogie!”

Before we could finish our boogie, the pups had an important mission to find Mayor Goodway and her trusty sidekick, Chickaletta, who were missing, and help them finish the race. Mayor Goodway called with an emergency and Ryder replied with my favorite answer, “No job is too big, no pup is too small!” And before my very eyes, Ryder called the pups to the Lookout and they answered, “Ryder needs us.” My favorite “PAW Patrol” music played for the pups to go up to the Lookout and super cool special effects made it look like the pups were going up the Lookout elevator. Marshall was as clumsy on stage as ever and knocked everyone over. But soon they were up and at ‘em, down the Lookout slide and into their vehicles. It was even cooler on stage than on my TV.

Ryder zoomed out on his motorcycle and Chase and Marshall sounded their sirens and even my little sister was at the edge of her seat. As the story continued, the pups searched for three clues around Adventure Bay to help win the race, while accomplishing missions along the way. I was mesmerized watching Everest ready to go in the ice and snow, Skye take to the sky, Zuma dive in underwater, and more! Plus, Farmer Yumi, Jake, Captain Turbot, and even Wally make cameos. Everyone who was anyone in Adventure Bay took the stage!

After lots of excitement and adventure, the “PAW Patrol” saved the day and won the race! We celebrated in a grand finale dance featuring all of my favorite pups dancing together with Ryder, Mayor Goodway and even Mayor Humdinger. I felt like I was at a “PAW Patrol” VIP dance party!

The whole family will enjoy the pup-rific show complete with lovable characters, fun new songs and dances, and the race to the finish as the “PAW Patrol” characters from the small screen take the big stage.

Tickets are sure to sell fast, so be sure to visit pawpatrollive.com.

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