Educational and Fun Toys Perfect For Fall

Educational and Fun Toys Perfect For Fall

Educational and Fun Toys Perfect For Fall

As families head back to normalcy and school, we have been learning from the toy experts about educational, calming, and fun toys for kids of all ages. These picks are perfect for kicking back the summer slump and transitioning back to school since learning is more fun when accomplished through play. Check out some of our favorites, as we have toys that fit all budgets!


Tech Toys That Teach

Pixicade is as simple as Draw, Snap, and Play with their exciting new app-based video game design system that provides a unique play experience for kids to turn their artwork into playable video games and then share them. Families will love that it was developed in part by an NYC public school teacher; that the three colorful interactive books have over 100 game examples and 30 learning activities for hours of fun instruction offline; and there are seven game types teaching a variety of skills, including literacy, problem-solving, rapid prototyping, and logic. $24.99

Inspire a Rainbow of Creativity with Toys

Rainbow High Art of Fashion Doll Collector’s Edition features Jett Dawson, a fashion major at Rainbow High, with her first couture fashion design. Kids will love creating their own fashion institute at home with Jett and her two complete one-of-a-kind doll outfits, trendy shoes, fashion trunks, and collector fashion accessories. To add more endless hours of creative play, families will love the Rainbow High Deluxe Fashion Closet that includes a rainbow of beautiful doll clothes and accessories that kids can mix and match to create 400+ glamorous looks. Kids will love that it’s not just a closet for storing; it’s also a fun Playset that includes a Vanity Chair & Mirror. And Jett and friends can pull up to Rainbow High in style with the Rainbow High 8-in-1 Light-up Color Change Car. It’s fashion-forward fun! Starting at $49.99



Green Games

Family-owned Adventerra Games teach kids real-life tips for how to help our environment with fun and engaging games like Hungry Bins, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus, WaterGame, and Global Warming. Families will love that they are made from eco-friendly products and teach about the environment through play! Kids will love learning while having fun through STEM games like PowerHaus that teaches kids they have real power to fight climate change by moving through the game and deciding which habits to change and which appliances and home improvements are better for your wallet and the world. $19.99

Fun and Game Toys

Throw Throw Avocado is the standalone sequel to the Throw Throw Burrito, the world’s first dodgeball card game. Families will love that Throw Throw Avocado can be played on its own or combined with the original game to create an all new combo game. Just like the first game in the Throw Throw franchise, it provides a unique twist to traditional gameplay by combining dodgeball and card-based play and giving players of all ages the chance to dodge squishy avocados at their friends and family. $24.99

We have some new, favorite games from the hit game creator of Exploding Kittens: Exploding Minions, the Minions-inspired edition of the original Russian Roulette-style game, and Exploding Kittens: Recipes for Disaster, the ultimate Exploding Kittens collection in one, customizable box. Exploding Minions includes new card types and fun illustrations of Minions as imagined by The Oatmeal. It’s easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for kids and adults to enjoy together. Recipes for Disaster combines 121 of the best cards from the Exploding Kittens and players can use the game’s 13 Recipe Booklets to create their ideal game experience by altering the level of competition, number of opponents, and more. Starting at $19.99


Families will love National Geographic Toys’ innovative, hands-on science and STEM kits. Kids will love The National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set with 45 different super gross experiments to try, like making a jar full of creepy eyeballs; boiling boogers and creating snot bubbles; making atomic pee and farting slime; watching goo defy gravity; and more. Kids will love learning about polymer science, chemical reactions, pH science, phosphorescence, and biology, all while having a total blast! Additional STEM sets like the Amazing Reactions Chem Set and Rock Bingo will rock kids’ worlds. Starting at $24.99

Dolls for Social Learning and Imaginative Play

Families will love the countless hours of imaginative play as kids unbox an entirely new size of LOL Surprise dolls, LOL! Surprise Tween. Kids will love that the Tweens come with 15 surprises and reusable packaging that turns into a bedroom playset and that they are already part of a family, big sisters to existing to LOL Surprise dolls and younger sisters to the OMG dolls. Kids will enjoy all the new and fun play scenarios and want to collect all 4. $17.99

Squish Stress Away Toys

Kids will love the sweet and savory Squishmallow Food Squad featuring the lovable Carmelita the S’more and her collectible, delectable friends like Bernardo the Burrito, Tex the Taco, Bernice the Boba, Sinclair the Avocado Toast, and Clara the Ice Cream Sundae. Families will also love the smaller, budget-friendly Squishville Mystery Mini Plush. This adorable and squishy assortment features everyone’s favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. Kids will love these mystery mini-Squishmallows plush toys that come with a fashion accessory they squeeze into and mixing and matching fashions. Starting at $4.99

Foodie Fidget Fun

Letting kids experiment with food choices is the delicious idea behind the launch of Stretcheez Play Food Sets. Kids will love building their favorite burger, pizza, burritos, and snacks, adding toppings to the pizza, or building a burrito with yummy components. Parents will love that there’s no mess and no waste because it’s all make-pretend, and there are also no sticky fingers as the Stretcheez plastic compound has no chemicals or residue. Stretcheez combined play food with the fun tactile experience of stretchy materials to create an amazing play experience with its realistic feel and texture. Families hungry for fun will love this ultimate playing with your food experience. $13.

Learning through Crystal Fairy Fun

Crystalina light-up fairy dolls combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, blending collectible dolls with cool lights and role play! Each Crystalina doll embodies a crystal element and aura, including Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love), Amethyst (Wisdom), and Aventurine (Luck). Each doll comes with a kid-wearable crystal-shaped amulet that pass colorful “crystal powers” like wisdom and confidence in the form of LED light patterns back and forth between the doll and the amulet. We love that the dolls come with brushable hair and a variety of skin tones to reflect diversity. $12.99

Early Years Educational, Pretend Play 

Blue’s Clues & You! Check-Up Time Blue is ready for a check-up and encourages kids to care for others. Prepare for hours of joyful, pretend to play as Josh’s voice gives prompts to help kids give Blue a thorough check-up. Parents will love that Blue features lights in her chest, cheeks, and mouth to guide little doctors through the examination. Kids will love using the play otoscope to check Blue’s ears and play thermometer to check her temperature and using the play stethoscope to listen to Blue’s heart that makes real beating sounds! Blue also comes with a removable face mask and a stretchy bandage. $29.99

Social-Emotional Learning with Puppy Love

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts offers a full salon experience, allowing children to groom and “shave” their pet pup with a magical accessory that feels and sounds like a real razor (no need to worry, it doesn’t really cut). Kids will love discovering which mystery pup is inside as they transform a messy mutt into a pampered pup and learn through fun to nurture and love. $29.97


Match, Make, and Mix 

In just three easy steps, match, make & mix Color Fusion, a custom nail polish maker can create up to 200 custom colors in either a shimmer style or glossy style finish, allowing kids to create up to 120 manicures or pedicures, and match their nails to your favorite outfit or accessory.  Families will love that the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker uses water-based nail polish formula and is removed by scrubbing hands with warm soapy water. Along with the companion app, kids will love to up their nail game with custom matching colors and unique nail art designs since, with a library of over 200 colors, the possibilities are endless!  $24.99

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Care, Joy, and Comfort Toy

Families will love welcoming the Care Bears newest bestie, Togetherness Bear, who is sure to bring joy and comfort to kids of all ages. Families will love that this all-new bear features every color of the rainbow and personifies acceptance, inclusivity, and loving what’s unique about yourself. No two bears look exactly the same! Care Bears help kids learn about mindfulness, how to identify feelings, and provide comfort and emotional support during stressful times, and are perfect for unlimited bear hugs, and ready for you to take on your adventures of sharing and caring! $12.88

Sensory Toys

Dimpl Pops and Dimpl Pops Deluxe are perfect for the elementary set who are going crazy over sensory/fidget toys. Kids love the Dimpl Pops board of 18 rainbow dimpl bubbles to poke and pop over and over. Parents love that it encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, and calmness and is perfect for travel, relaxing at home, sensory discovery, and learning. Plus, it is 100% food-grade silicone, BPA-Free, fully safety tested, and hand washable. Kids also love the keychain version, Simpl Dimpl, which comes in multiple colors and designs, and has gone absolutely bonkers on TikTok. Kids love to clip it to their backpacks and play with it during class. Starting at $12.99

Fairy Finding Fun

Families will love catching the magic glow wherever they go with the Got2Glow Fairy Finder jar! Kids will love attracting over 35 unique fairies (100+ fairies in all) and finding out if they are common, rare, ultra-rare, or legendary, then search for more fairies in the bedroom, in the kitchen, outside, and even upside down. The more you play with your Fairy Finder jar, the more fairies you will catch! You can increase your chances of collecting ultra-rare fairies by playing games and bringing your jar to new locations. And you can grow your collection by trading fairies with friends. Happy fairy finding! $39.99

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