DreamWorks’ “Trolls The Experience” Is Sure To Delight

young child at the trolls experience in new york city

We had the best day ever at DreamWorks “Trolls The Experience” in NYC! The interactive and immersive experience takes you on an eye-popping and heartwarming journey filled with fun around every corner. Follow the Trolls rainbow path through the 12,000-square-ft, multi-story magical experience to make music, collect glitter, have a 3D dance party, and play the whole way!

From the moment we arrived, we got this “feelin’ inside our bones” and everything went electric. Our guides were Trolls experts who were incredibly engaging and made us feel like VIPs from start to finish. We began our journey with a trip up a rainbow escalator to the Hair We Go Salon. This was a clear highlight and a must-do. The Hair We Go Experience included a deluxe makeup design and matching premium “Troll Hair” wig of our favorite characters: Poppy, Branch or Guy Diamond. My little lady was “troll-tally” transformed before our eyes into Poppy and I almost didn’t recognize her. She totally got into character and it was absolutely adorable and pure magic.

We next ventured through Branch’s Music Mash-Up to create custom beats; took a ride on the Sparkle On Caterbus to collect floating gems; stopped for an interactive video game at Critter Creek, and boogied to the 3D dance party at Poppy’s Best Day Ever. Our hands-down fav was Poppy’s Dance Party. We sported glitter goggles to immerse ourselves in the interactive, 3D dance party. We danced right alongside our favorite Trolls to their sensational songs with super special effects, rainbow colors, and even fireworks for the grand finale.

Then there’s an After Party where the journey comes to an end at memory mile. There we snapped exclusive experience photos and used the memory mementos we collected along the way to make our very own Memory Book of our best day ever. And who was waiting for us at the end of memory mile? Poppy herself! She greeted us with open arms. We talked about life, had a spontaneous dance party and of course, snapped a few selfies to share with our favorite friends.

After the experience, we retreated to the Cupcakes and Rainbows Café to check out the treats made exclusively for Trolls by City Bakery. They were yummy in our tummy! When we reached the end, we all wished we could stay forever after the best day ever. We can’t wait to go back but for now, everyone left with sunshine in their pockets!

Don’t miss the party! Get ready to throw your hair in the air and visit DreamWorks Trolls The Experience and to learn more, visit trollstheexperience.com.