Winter Preview: Disney On Ice’s “Frozen”

frozen imagePrepare to let it go for Disney On Ice’s “Frozen,” presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt. Kids of all ages will transported to the enchanted winter wonderland of Arendelle as they watch Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the Duke of Weselton come alive on ice.

You’ll be awed by figure skaters and amazed by Disney’s special effects. Hosted by Mickey and Minnie Mouse (with special guest appearances from Disney princesses and other friends), the show is sure to be cool!

We got to chat with royal sister Princess Anna, played by Taylor Firth, one of the top American figure skaters and a congenial princess herself.

Firth says the audience response to the show has been overwhelming: “Hearing kids singing songs and seeing smiles on their faces is incredible. It’s something that is so much fun to be there and relay characters they love.”

After chatting with Firth, we wanted to share a special sneak preview of why Disney on Ice’s “Frozen” is wonderful for the whole family:

1) Everybody can relate to one of the characters: There are so many different characters that your little Arendellians are sure to identify with at least one—whether Elsa who can be closed off and scared, the fun Olaf, or Anna, the adorable princess with awkward tendencies (like blurting out all she thinks). Anna teaches an important lesson about being ourselves and defying cookie-cutter images.

2) Frozen is different from other shows because of the story and music: The show focuses on telling the beloved story of the sisters’ journey from childhood friends through their rough patches to their return to closeness. The show allows the audience to see the funny bits, special details and the music you know and love from “For the First Time in Forever,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” “Love is an Open Door,” “Let It Go,” and other favorites.

3) The movie was almost custom-designed to come alive on ice: Since the film is set in and around snow, cold and winter activities, the wintry princesses and their story lines translate to the rink.

4) Kids sing through the entire show: After starring in the show in two cities, Princess Anna was overwhelmed at the number of people who sang, danced and got dressed up. Hearing the audience belt out their favorite songs underscored the unbridled enthusiasm for this show. It’s a heartwarming, lovely thing, she says.

5) You won’t want to miss Princess Anna and Hans performing “Love is an Open Door.” The duet portrays the early stages of their relationship, just like real life teenagers thinking love is all lollipops and roses. Plus, the number pieces in parts of the movie for some extra realism.

Plus, expect many “Frozen” surprises and highlights thanks to dazzling special effects, spectacular costumes and excitement all around.

Princess Anna and Firth’s favorite? Elsa’s powers and how she uses them, Firth says. But fans need not worry. She won’t hurt anyone! And Firth’s three key words to sum up her experience and the show? “Heartwarming, elegant, and exciting!”

And of course, what better than movie than “Frozen” to be performed on ice?

“Frozen” on ice will run from November 11-16 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and from November 19-23 at Newark’s Prudential Center. Tickets start at $25 and are available at