Best Water Playgrounds and Sprinkler Parks in New York

Best Water Playgrounds and Sprinkler Parks in New York

Best Water Playgrounds and Sprinkler Parks in New York

We are now entering the hot summer days in New York City, but living in this urban jungle doesn’t mean that we can’t find a city oasis with spewing fountains, water jets, and endless water fun.

Gear up with some kid-friendly sunscreen and find the nearest water playground and sprinkler parks right in your neighborhood. Kids will be thrilled and entertained.

If you need a little extra splash, nothing is better than taking a dip in a large pool to completely cool off in. Whether you head for the parks or the pools, you will definitely have a refreshing summer in New York City!

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Image result for heckscher playground
Heckscher Playground, photo via NYC Parks

Heckscher Playground

65th St Transverse
Neighborhood: Central Park

Splish and splash around at Heckscher Playground during these warm summer days. Kids will get to climb around the play structure with ramps, slides, and swings galore!

After, head over to the water section to cool off where kids can walk through water-flowing channels to find water jets spraying into the air in a semi-enclosed area with a low and gentle spray of water jets.

Teardrop Park

Warren St.
Neighborhood: Battery Park City

Imagination comes to life at Teardrop Park where the playground meets artwork. Kids can discover the “Ice Wall,” an artistic piece by Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil while playing in the sandbox and going down the enormous metal slide.

Best of all, there is a water area to splash around in when we hit mid-summer and need that cool-down moment.

Image result for Chelsea Waterside ParkChelsea Waterside Park, photo via Hudson River Park

Chelsea Waterside Park

557 W 23rd St
Neighborhood: Chelsea

This redesigned area at Chelsea Park includes a hit water area that kids love to come and play at. Kiddos can explore a multi-color pipefish jungle gym and slide, then they can continue their exploration to the small sand area with sprinklers for a refreshing time.

Parents can also cool off in the shaded area as they watch their children have a blast!

Hudson River Park Pier 25

West Street
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Pier 25 playground offers kids fun water features in the summer for them to cool off while playing around! Kids will get to play in swings, climbing structures and more while parents watch over them in a nice, shaded seating area.

Besides the playground, you can grab a snack or ice-cream at their two concessions nearby or play more in the turf field or go to the historic vessel and explore! 

Hudson River Park Pier 51

Hudson River Greenway
Neighborhood: West Village

Bring your beach buckets to Pier 51 for an exciting time at their water and sand play areas! You will also find slides, climbing structures and an awesome pretend boat hull that will make kids feel like they are sailing through the ocean with their friends!

Washington Square Park

5 Ave, Waverly Pl., W. 4 St. and Macdougal St.
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Washington Square Park is always a lively place to visit with musicians playing and dancers grooving in this small quadrant of the city.

The fountain is always a site to see as you plop down on the steps, but during the hottest time of the year, you will want to roll up your pants and shuffle your feet around the fountain water.

Nelson A. Rockefeller Playground

75 Battery Pl
Neighborhood: Battery Park City

This unique water play area has it all with unique structures everywhere. From a dodo bird sculpture dripping water to a sprinkler area spewing water, there is adventure everywhere you turn.

Even as you exit the playground there is something to see with stone dog and elephant gargoyles spitting more water at you as you walk by.

Image result for Pearl Street Playground
Pearl Street Playground, photo via NYC Parks

Pearl Street Playground

49 Fulton St
Neighborhood: Between Two Bridges and Wall Street

Once an area with oyster shell heaps that lined the waterfront in lower Manhattan is now a renovated play area with swings, slides, and a shaded area for parents to relax at.

Still staying true to its traditional grounds, kids will have a blast in this oyster-shaped, sand-and-water play space — a perfect place to splish and splash in the summer.

Moira Ann Smith Playground

38 Madison Ave
Neighborhood: Midtown

Within the heart of Madison Square Park is Moira Ann Smith Playground, a play haven for the little ones. Make sure you drop on by as you wander Madison Square Park where your kids will get to enjoy a 15-foot water wheel sprinkler and water-spouting alphabet blocks.

East 110th Street Playground

Malcolm X Blvd
Neighborhood: Harlem

Located in the northern part of Central Park, this park was renovated back in 2013 to now have a circular water play area with tons of spouts to splash in.

After the kids get enough water time, explore the rest of the park with bridges, tunnels, and climbing structures to have a blast on. And not to forget the parents, there is plenty of seating for moms and dad to relax on while watching their kiddos.

Asser Levy Park Playground

302 Sea Breeze Ave
Neighborhood: Kips Bay

After the wear and tear of the playground, Asser Levy Park Playground has been upgraded for children to have an even better time. They can hit the swing sets and play area for a fun-filled time!

Don’t forget to check out the spray showers where they can take a break from the beating sun and chill. Asser Levy also added new safety features to prevent the kiddos from getting hurt, like paved pathways, improved lighting, and more!

The Bosque Fountain

Battery Pl and State St
Neighborhood: The Battery

The Bosque Fountain was one that was made for kids to play in! With multiple water jets shooting up at different times, kids are always guessing as to which jets are going to go off. This fountain also is a great place to relax and take in the rest of beautiful Battery Park.


Domino Park

Domino Park

15 River St
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

If you haven’t yet visited this gem along the East River in Williamsburg, now is your time to do so. This sweet location has been transformed from the former Domino Sugar Refinery to the latest play spot for kids.

After playing on all the slides, cool off at the fountain and seating steps. Each water jet is illuminated with blue and purple lights — a space for both fun and beauty!

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Water Lab

Pier 6
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge Park has it all, from an amazing playground to its prime location for New York City views. Spend your summer days here at the volleyball courts and around the jungle gym that surrounds the city’s largest sandbox.

Don’t forget to play in the water jet area and escape from the heat. After you work up an appetite from all that playground fun, grab a bite to eat at Fornino’s pizza to fuel up. Park restrooms are located on the first floor of Fornino.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2 Uplands

Pier 2
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights

If you’re looking for a fun activity with a great view, then the Pier 2 Uplands is the perfect place to go!  The play area also has pier remnants that were cut away from the construction of Pier 3.

Greenpoint Playground

243 Franklin St
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Stop by at Greenpoint Playground with the kids for a refreshing time. When temps are high, head over to the spray shower to cool off, then have a blast on the green and red climbing structure and swing set. Kids can play and parents can relax in the seating area of the park.

Image result for splash pad prospect park
Splash Pad, photo via Mommy Nearest

Splash Pad

LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park
Neighborhood: Park Slope

The perfect name for this water-play area! After eating your Marino’s Ices, get your swimsuit on and head to the Splash Pad with over 20 jets.

This water area is free to the public and designed for children 12 and under. Make sure you get your splash on during the summer before this area gets converted into Lakeside’s second outdoor ice skating rinks.

Walt Whitman Park

1402, 165 Cadman Plaza E
Neighborhood: Downtown Brooklyn

Named after the inspiring poet, Walt Whitman Park is a peaceful area where families can relax and also have fun. Spend those summer sunny days at the park scooting and strolling along their paved walkways. Children can play at the water fountain while parents keep watch at the benches.

J.J. Byrne Playground

3rd St. & 5th Ave
Neighborhood: Between Gowanus and Park Slope

Get the full water experience at J.J. Byrne Playground with water cannons, sprinklers, and an old-fashion water mill. Cool off from the summer heat but don’t forget the other awesome features this playground has. Kids can head to the top of the climbing structures and enjoy swinging at the swing set.

Don’t miss out on the interactive panels designed by Julie Peppito, centered around farming and the Revolutionary historical period.


A Playground for All Children

11101 Corona Ave
Neighborhood: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Everyone can have loads of fun here because this playground is designed for children with and without disabilities. There is safety surfacing through the playground, along with wheelchair accessible ramps that lead to fun!

Explore this water play area with a 12-foot-long suspension bridge, along with other fun activities that include a fire station, fire truck, school house, and flower boxes.

Image result for Beach 30th Street Playground
Beach 30th Street Playground, photo via NYC Parks

Beach 30th Street Playground

1-09 Beach 30th St
Neighborhood: Rockaway

Head to this beach-inspired playground where your little ones can run through blue arches and get soaked! They can also head to the sea on their ship-inspired play structure of water-spewing cannons. Journey to Beach 30th Street Playground where you can set sail for the day.

Flushing Meadows Park

Neighborhood: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

Grand Central Pkwy., Whitestone Exwy. bet. 111 St. and College Point Blvd., Park Drive E
Home to two twentieth century World’s Fairs, this hit location is a must-see for a family adventure in Queens.

Being the largest park in the area, there’s plenty of space for baseball, soccer, tennis, cricket, and a huge fountain where kids will get a mist from the geyser waters — a perfect place to relax and cool off after an eventful day!

Image result for Paul Raimonda Playground water
Paul Raimonda Playground, photo via DNAinfo

Paul Raimonda Playground

20th Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets
Neighborhood: Ditmars Steinway

As a musical homage to the Steinway & Sons factory just blocks away, this playground was revamped with a baby grand piano sprinkler play area for young kiddos to splash around and cool down in during the New Yor City summer days.

There is also more opportunity for fun with renovated play equipment and a fitness center for adults to exercise and stay healthy.

Charybdis Playground

Within Astoria Park (19 19th St)
Neighborhood: Ditmars Steinway

Get slightly wet to completely soaked with water jets at Charybdis Playground. This water playground is a summer haven for kids.

Get the full water experience in the park and right outside with stellar views of the two bridges, located near the East River. Aside from the water, kids can climb the marine animal sculptures and swing at the swing sets.

Travers Park

34th Avenue between 77th and 78th Streets
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights

Take cover from the sun under the misting leaf spray showers and water jets throughout the playground. This park is divided into “little kid” and “big kid” sections for your toddlers to play safely in this popular park.

Not to worry parents: there are cushioned ground surfaces where kids can play, swing, and have fun in the basketball and handball courts.

Fountain of the Fairs

Grand Central Pkwy., Whitestone Exwy. bet. 111 St. and College Point Blvd., Park Drive E
Neighborhood: Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

This summer season is the best time to check out the Mega Splash Pad at the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park! It’s considered one of the best water playgrounds in the neighborhood. The specialized jets create a cool mist that sprays over the entire area, making it the coolest place for families to spend time in.


Fort Independence Playground

Sedgwick Ave. &, W 238th St
Neighborhood: Kingsbridge

Get up and moving at Fort Independence Playground along the Jerome Park Reservoir. Parents can enjoy the shaded areas as they sit on the park benches while kids can roam the play structures. There is also a spewing water geyser for a refreshing and fun time!

Vidalia Park

E. 180 St. bet. Daly Ave. and, Vyse Ave
Neighborhood: West Farms

This vibrant playground is loaded with color and fun features for the whole family. Enjoy the basketball and handball courts, along with a lawn that’s perfect for jogging or running. Cool off from all the fun by splashing around by the park geyser and have a fun-filled time.

Image result for River Park bronx
River Park, photo via NYC Parks

River Park

Boston Rd
Neighborhood:  Near West Farms

Take the family for a picnic while you get to listen to the river running by. This summer oasis is the perfect place to hang out with the family, see views of the small waterfall, and have a blast in their water play area. Sit under the shaded trees and enjoy the summer days.

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