Domino Park Unveils Reflect, a New Art Piece

An aerial view of Domino Park's art instillation, Reflect. It features three circles of glowing, multicolored dots with people running around on them to light them up. They glow especially bright in the nighttime of this picture.
Jen Lewin, Reflect at Domino Park, Brooklyn, March 2021. Drone footage by Demian Neufeld, Ryders Alley Media, and Matt Emmi. Edited by Joshua Pullar. Artwork (c) 2021 Jen Lewin

As of Friday, Domino Park is opening up Reflect, a new public art installation. Even more spectacular, it is designed for people to interact with it in a safe way. Visit it now until April 15, 2021.

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About “Reflect”

The work of art features three concentric rings, each consisting of small platforms that can react to the visitor’s footsteps. These platforms ignite in a beautiful and unique display, making the participants as much a part of the art as the circles.

Reflect is sure to wow visitors of all ages while keeping them socially distanced. It is clear from the Brooklyn artist Jen Lewin that visiting the piece at day and at night are different experiences. Both will mystify audiences, but it is worth experiencing twice. Once in the light, and once in the dark.

And it is totally free!

About Domino Park

Even before the inception of the pandemic, Domino Park strove to maintain its mission of providing entertainment while keeping patrons safe.

Though a fairly young park, only coming into fruition in the summer of 2018, it made a name for itself through providing a great accompaniment to the time-honored waterfront with a peaceful atmosphere, calming scenery, and stunning pieces of art.  

About the Artist

Jen Lewin, the artist of Reflect, is a world-renowned artist known for her pieces that old and young can interact with. She always designs her works to be customary to their environment. Even if her work is a temporary installment, her use of nature and light are gorgeous and harmonious with their surroundings.

Lewin is from Brooklyn and is thrilled to be able to bring this piece to her hometown. She finds herself hoping “New Yorkers will find a much-needed escape in the vibrant, playful nature of this work.”

Reflect previously made its home in Tokyo as part of the Cosmos installation during the spring and summer of 2020. After April, it is likely to move onto another location for others to enjoy, though where it will venture off to next to dazzle even more families is unknown.