16 Best Books to Read During Pride Month

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16 Best Books to Read During Pride Month

Pride Month is in full swing and there are many ways that you can choose to celebrate this year! Grabbing a book for any age group and learning more about the LGBTQ+ community is a great way to show your appreciation during this month while also hearing some inspiring stories.

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Early Readers

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson

Ages 2-5

This cute children’s book tells the story of two penguins in the Central Park Zoo who are a little bit different from the other penguins. Roy and Silo want to have a family of their own and with the help of a kind zookeeper, the two can welcome a little bundle of joy of their own! $7.99

Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

Ages 2-6

On the way home from the pool, Julián sees 3 beautifully dressed women on the train. When he got home, Julián could not stop thinking about the women and how all he wanted to do was to dress up like the ladies in his own mermaid costume.

This story is beautifully written by Jessica Love and gives a great message about self-love and how to embrace your individuality. $9.89

Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall

Ages 3-7

This book tells a heartwarming story about why it’s important to be true to yourself! This blue crayon is labeled red, and the people around her are trying to help him become redder.

Although he might be wearing a red label, he is blue and is miserable pretending to be someone he’s not. It’s not until a new friend comes along does he realize that being himself will help him become his true self. $18.89

14 Best Books to Read During Pride Month

Who You Will Be by Taylor Rouanzion

Ages 4-8

Journey through all the colors of the rainbow as a pair of new parents introduce their baby to the countless and limitless possibilities that lie ahead of them.

This rhyming picture book is perfect for readalouds and story times, and it teaches readers of all ages about the importance of self-expression and the unconditional love between a parent and a child. $18.99

The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman

Ages 5-8

Every family looks different and now it’s time to celebrate it! The Great Big Book of Families shows the lives of many different kinds of families and their dynamics. Not only is this a fun book to read with kids, but it’s also a great way to celebrate diversity. $15.02

Mid-Level Readers

Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill

Ages 8 and up

This book has won many awards and is a great graphic novel to read during Pride Month! This story follows princess Amira as she rescues princess Sadie from her tower. As they travel through the kingdom, the two princesses have to work together to defeat their worst enemy. $9.99

Pride: An Inspirational History of the LGBTQ+ Movement by Stella Caldwell, foreword by Layton Williams

Ages 10-12

If you are looking for your kids to learn more about the history of the LGBTQ+ community, this is the perfect book to get.

Readers will be able to learn about queer icons and events that were groundbreaking for the community. The book also has a few personal essays in them so readers can hear from others and learn how you can take pride! $14.99

Middle School’s a Drag, You Better Werk! by Greg Howard

Ages 10-13

Twelve-year-old Mikey Pruitt is a true entrepreneur at heart and is still on the hunt for his big break! It isn’t until he meets kid drag queen Coco Caliente, Mistress of Madness and Mayhem (aka eighth grader Julian Vasquez) that he comes up with the idea of the Anything Talent and Pizzazz Agency.

This book is perfect for someone who is looking for a little laughter while also getting reminded that anything can happen with a little love and hard work. $13.88

Young Adult

You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

Ages 12 and up

You Should See Me in a Crown follows the story of Liz Lighty as she tries her hardest to get out of her hometown and start her new life.

When her financial aid to Pennington College unexpectedly falls through, Liz turns to the only other option: to compete for her school’s scholarship for prom king and queen. Things get a little more complicated for Liz when she starts developing feelings for a new girl at school who is also running for prom queen. $11.06

Every Time You Hear That Song by Jenna Voris

Ages 12 and up

Darren Purchase is a 17-year-old aspiring journalist and lifelong fan of county music legend Decklee Cassel, who’s famous for her classic songs and partnership with songwriter Mickenlee Hooper– especially after the two unexpectedly part ways at the height of their careers.

When Decklee’s long awaited time capsule is opened at her funeral only for it to be empty, it kicks off an epic scavenger hunt with a huge prize for whoever finds the real capsule. And Darren knows there’s a story for her to break here.

Best Books to Read During Pride Month

Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli

Ages 13 and up

Imogen Scott has the title of World’s Greatest Straight Ally on lock. But when her queer best friend, Lili, tells her new college friends that she and Imogen used to date, Imogen’s world turns upside down.

As she spends time with Lili’s squad with cool, queer college friends, Imogen starts to wonder if she’s as straight as she previously thought.

The latest release from author Becky Albertalli, Imogen, Obviously is a heartwarming and timely story about friendship and identity. $15.95

Best Books to Read During Pride Month

The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes

Ages 13 and up

After being outed by her crush/ex-best friend, Yamilet Flores’s priorities at her new, mostly-white Catholic school are keep her brother out of trouble, make her mom proud and don’t fall in love.

But staying in the closet may be harder than planned, especially after Yami meets Bo, the only openly queer girl at school. Yami doesn’t want to risk rejection again, or worse, word getting back to her mom, so she has to start asking: “what would a straight girl do?” $14.89

Best Books to Read During Pride Month

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Ages 14 and up

Chloe Green is so close to winning valedictorian after spending four years dodging the puritanical administration of Willowgrove Christian Academy. Her only rival is the prim and perfect principal’s daughter, Shara Wheeler.

But one month before graduation, Shara kisses Chloe and disappears.

Chloe’s not the only one Shara’s kissed: she’s also kissed Smith, her longtime quarterback boyfriend, and Rory, her neighbor with a crush. Chloe, Smith and Rory set out to follow Shara’s trail of clues in hopes of finding her. $16.99

Nate Plus One by Kevin van Whye

Ages 14 and up 

Nate Hargraves is getting ready to head to his cousin’s wedding in South Africa when he finds out his ex-boyfriend is going to be there. Since he doesn’t want to show up to the wedding alone, he invites his best friend and secret crush Jai Patel to be his date for the night.

Will this night be one to remember for the two? This book is written by the author of Date Me, Bryson Keller, and is a fun rom-com, the perfect book for older kids to read. $17.99


Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

Ages 14 and up

Juliet Milagros Palante has recently opened up to her parents about who she truly is and the interaction did not go the way she was hoping. Not knowing what the outcome will be with her family, Juliet heads to Portland, Oregon to intern with her favorite feminist writer.

While she is away, she develops a relationship with a librarian she meets and learns how to show her true identity to her family, the world, and ultimately herself. $8.09

Best Books to Read During Pride Month

Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler

Ages 15 and up

Amber McCloud wants nothing more than to be captain of the cheer team, but leading school spirit is difficult when the quarterback of your school’s team has been killed in a car accident. When he’s replaced by newcomer Jack (short for Jaclyn) Walsh, all hell breaks loose.

Amber tries to promote unity, but neither the cheerleading squad or the football team is thrilled about Jack leading the football team. To make matters worse, Amber and Jack are falling for each other, and Amber has to choose between her dreams and her heart. $14.99

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