Angad Arts Hotel Offers Beautiful St. Louis Vacation Spot

Have you ever felt like hotel rooms are impersonal? Angad Arts Hotel is a game-changer: Step into the St. Louis, Missouri spot and you’ll have the opportunity to make a room all your own. You can choose your room’s color based on your emotions—green for rejuvenation, yellow for happiness, red for passion, and blue for tranquility. The colors don’t stop there; they’re echoed by the stylish design elements throughout the space.

Plus, you can modify your space even further; Angad allows room size customization (from small to XXL) too! Perfect for the overnight or week-long travel, they offer 146 guest rooms, 38 of which are suites and 25 of which are designed for an extended stay and come equipped with kitchenettes. Kids are sure to love the ability to customize their rooms, and will be endlessly entertained by the impromptu and permanent art.

Imbued with a plethora of artist-inspired décor and design, the property opened just last month and offers a fun, visitor-catered space to explore all St. Louis has to offer.

The first boutique luxury hotel in mid-town St. Louis, Angad features a truly artist-curated experience, more than appropriate for its location in the city’s Grand Center Arts District. The hotel is a living arts incubator, which means that every single visit will feel like your family’s very first time.

What does that mean? Well, local creatives are invited to curate exhibitions and video art in the hotel space, as well as perform pop-up shows and cutting-edge installations. Every detail is considered; even the hotel staff has artist-designed uniforms. Be greeted first by a “firescape” (silhouettes that appear to scale the façade) and, on the 12th floor, you’ll find a video art sculpture where it seems suitcases are falling from the sky. And that’s only the start of all the innovative art that will surround you.

Not only is the new space a hub of creative energy: In its original incarnation, it was the Missouri Theater, and home to the Missouri Rockets Dancers—you might know them better as the Radio City Rockettes. And the spirit of performance still lives in the halls: Don’t be surprised if you catch a flash mob as they perform a “Dirty Dancing” routine or are greeted suddenly by an aria singer.

Customized rooms and visual/performing arts aside, Angad also boasts culinary arts with its Grand Tavern, the St. Louis debut for renowned chef David Burke. Whether it’s room service, eats on the rooftop, or bites in the lounge and dining room, Chef Burke has curated a delectable experience.

With such a sensational, interactive space, you may never want to leave the Angad, but be sure to step out and see the famed Gateway Arch, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and even more. Angad will be waiting to welcome you at the end of the day.

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