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    The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps (2012-13 Edition)
    New York Family’s Guide to Summer Camps


    Editor’s Note: The Big Show

    Making A Match: 10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp

    The Friend Question: Should A Child Go To Camp With A Buddy?

    When Day Is The Way: Many Day Camps Now Attract Older Campers Who Appreciate Their Mix Of Programs And Attractions—And The Ability To Return Home At The End Of The Day

    Get Your Gear Here: Look Cool At Camp This Summer With These 10 Must-Have Items

    Nature Calling: Camps That Bring Campers Back To Basics

    The Long And Short Of It: How Long Should A Child Go Away For?

    Firsthand Evidence: Making The Most Of A Camp Visit

    It’s Not What You Wear: Why Some Camps Still Prefer Dress Codes

    How I Spent My Summers: A Lifelong Camp Lover Looks Back On Her Years As A Camper And Counselor

    The Ultimate Guide to Education (2012-13 Edition)
    New York Family Education Guide


    The Loss Of Our “Secret Sauce”
    A Local Educator Worries That A Single-Minded Focus On Standardized Test Is Killing What’s Truly Great About An American Education

    The Hot Education Book For Parents
    A New Book Reports On The Surprising Ways That Traits Like Grit And Curiosity Can Improve Success In School And Life

    What Parents Can Learn From Teachers
    We Asked Some Of NYC’s Best Teachers For Advice On How Parents Can Help Raise Successful Students. Take Out Your Notepads

    Plans For The Precocious
    What You Need To Know About Raising A Gifted Child In The City

    The Revenge Of The POS (Parent Over Shoulder)
    To Put Together A Glossary Of Teenage Texting For Parents, We Knew Just Who To Ask: Our Summer Intern!


    Are All Those Crazy Things One Hears About NYC School Admissions True?
    New York Family‘s Editor Shares His Experiences As A Journalist And A Parent

    Looking Ahead
    A Talented NYC High School Senior Shares Her Thoughts On What Middle School And Early High School Students Can Do Now To Prepare For College (Without Driving Themselves Crazy)

    Enrichments & Extracurriculars

    Leaders Of The Pack
    Ask Your Kid: The Best Backpacks Are Sturdy, Stylish, And Fun

    Changing Their Environment
    Six Projects Show How NYC Schools Are Putting Green Teaching Into Practice

    15 Ways To Turn On Learning
    The Latest And Greatest Apps That Will Teach Your Kids To Love Learning (Seriously)

    Educate Yourself!
    Our Recommended List Of Education Resources For Local Parents, Plus Crib Notes On New Schools.

    The Ultimate Guide to Raising Kids in the City (2012-13 Edition)
    New York Family’s Guide to Culture, Parenting, Shopping, Classes and more!

    CLASSES: With New Venues And Programs Popping Up All Over The City, The Choice Is Yours For What Class Best Suits Your Child

    BIRTHDAYS: From World-Class Venues And Entertainers To Towering Cakes, The Big Apple Has All A Child Could Ask For When It Comes To Blowing Out Birthday Candles

    MUSEUMS: The City’s Diverse Museums Are Gearing Their Programs And Exhibits Toward Families—From Arts And Culture To Science And Technology

    THEATER & LIVE PERFORMANCE: From Theaters Devoted To Children’s Plays To Broadway’s Biggest Acts, There’s Always A Show-Stopping Performance To Be Seen In Our Wonderful City

    ATTRACTIONS: Our Annual A-Z Guide To The City’s Most Notable And Memorable Experiences

    SHOPPING & STORES: A Family Guide To The City’s Best Places To Buy Children’s Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Furnishings, Books & More

    PHOTOGRAPHERS: With So Many Great Local Photographers, You Can Find The Right Style And Snapshot For Your Family

    HEALTH & WELLNESS: The City’s Top Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Nutritionists And Exercise Centers With A Focus On Parents And Kids

    CAMPS: Whether They Are Going To Day Camp Or Sleepaway, Most Kids Have Some Trepidation The First Time. Here’s How You Can Bolster Their Readiness (And Yours Too)

    NEW & EXPECTANT PARENTS: A Selective Guide To Everything For Bump And Baby

    TEN TIPS FOR RAISING TWINS IN THE CITY: Priceless Advice From A Dynamic Mother Of Multiples

    EDUCATION: With So Many Options In The City—Public, Private, Charter And Parochial—Parents Need To Do Their Research

    SPECIAL NEEDS: Evaluations? Programs? Services? The Good News Is That There Are Lots of Local Services For Special Needs Children. The Bad News Is That There’s A Learning Curve For Parents

    REAL ESTATE: What To Look For In A Building

    FOOD & DINING: A Roster Of The “Best” Kid-Friendly Restaurants In NYC