• Personal Shopper: King Kidlet

    Get a jump on preparing your home for a new baby with a new local personal shopper website for new parents

    By Mia Weber
    Natalie Gentile, founder of King Kidlet

    Natalie Gentile, founder of King Kidlet

    Need a little help as you prepare for the newest addition to your family? Turn to King Kidlet to navigate the prep and shopping waters in the most elegant way.

    With a focus on product advising, personal shopping, and home preparation (think nursery set-up and product tutorials), local mom Natalie Gentile founded King Kidlet to help new parents make informed decisions.

    She offers a range of concierge services designed to help you sort through the saturated product market. The end goal? A happy home that is just as much about being baby-friendly as it is about staying true to your style.

    To learn more, visit kingkidlet.com!

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