• Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

    School after Sandy. Parenting shapes kids’ political leanings. The book so many NYC parents are reading.

    By Jill Feigelman, Angela Bunt

    Happy Day After Election Day! This little girl should be in good spirits after crying because she was tired of all the election chatter in this quick but hilarious video. (YouTube)

    As children return to school after Hurricane Sandy, one Brooklyn teacher reflects on what the comfort of a classroom can mean for kids given last week’s harrowing events. (New York Times)

    Not many political stories make you say aww, but this one will. Take a look at the letter President Obama wrote to ten-year-old Sophia who reached out to him with a very cute handwritten thanks for supporting the love between her two gay dads. (Gawker)

    One costume for your kid is enough…right? Country singer Jewel’s son had five Halloween disguises to change into this year, including a chicken suit and a hammerhead shark getup. What did your child dress up as? Enter our costume photo contest by November 16! (People)

    When it comes to parenting, the focus is often on mommy and baby. Here are seven tips to help daddy bond with his bundle. (Huffington Post)

    Help keep Books Of Wonder in our wonderful city by donating to their fundraising campaign! Only 15 days left to help this community bookstore stay in business. The shop is about halfway to it’s $100,000 goal–please donate! (Indiegogo)

    Singer, mommy, and now tech wiz: Grammy award-winning Alicia Keys is launching a storytelling application for kids. (ABC News)

    Is your house run like a dictatorship or a democracy? While your child may be too young to grasp politics just yet, studies show that your parenting style may shape his or her future political leanings. (Minn Post)

    Tune in to the new Logo series, “The Baby Wait,” a six-part documentary that explores open adoptions from both the biological and adoptive parents’ perspectives. (Huffington Post)

    Push over pushy parents! This post takes a deeper look into why the book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character is making such an impression on NYC parents. (The Telegraph UK)

    Another baby bump is making its appearance in Hollywood. Actress Kristen Bell confirmed she is expecting on Monday. (People)

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