• Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

    The biggest worry for parents. Politicians and crying babies. Turn off that TV!

    By Allison Wild, Ginger McKnight-Chavers, Jill Feigelman, Erin Shea, Angela Bunt

    A battle is brewing in New York City’s public schools, as parents react to schools distributing Plan B “morning-after pills” to students. But are the headlines misleading? (The Daily Beast)

    We all look forward to October Halloween celebrations, but what about “National Homemade Cookie Day” and “Mad Hatter Day?” Here’s a list of 15 lesser-known holidays for you and your family to enjoy this month. (Mental Floss)

    What is the biggest worry for parents across the country now? Obama and Romney listen up: it’s that there are not enough jobs to support a family. (Parents)

    When Barbra Streisand (who is singing in her home borough of Brooklyn for the first time in five decades this week) takes the stage for her finale at the newly opened Barclays Center, she will not be taking it alone. The children of Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy will be joining her. (New York Daily News)

    The cover of Fortune is causing an uproar in the momsphere since it shows Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer sans baby bump. Mayer recently gave birth to her son; however, the cover photo was from last year. What gives? (Hollywood Life)

    Should kids be allowed to “like” things with the social network Facebook? The Atlantic weights in on this growing debate and whether disallowing kids to “like” actually limits their free speech. (The Atlantic)

    Election coverage rarely makes us laugh, but this slideshow of politicians with crying babies sure did. (New York Daily News)

    A DNA breakthrough allows researchers to scan newborns for genetic diseases in as little as two days. For some babies, this could be a lifesaver. (New Jersey Newsroom)

    One mother’s heart-warming, albeit non-traditional, journey alongside her son who has Asperger’s. (Huffington Post)

    Turn off that TV! Recent studies find that children ages 1-8 are exposed to background television on a daily basis—as much as four hours per day. (Yahoo! News)

    The decision to get Botox may have potential personal health risks, but it can actually affect your parenting as well. (Discovery News)

    Who knew? A new spray bottle has been designed with forward- and backward-facing nozzles that must be squeezed simultaneously—making it nearly impossible for children to operate and cause unintended chemical injury. (NBC News)

    In the midst the process of writing a new book—How Motherhood Changes Us: What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens—Liisa Ogburn reflects on the power of her own postpartum depression. (New York Times)

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