• New York Family’s April 2014 Issue

    Rosie & Daron Pope, the City’s Best Parks, Dads of Real Estate, a Family Health & Wellness Guide, and more!

    By New York Family


    Partners In Everything
    As they welcome their fourth child and celebrate their first line of baby clothes, Rosie & Daron Pope share their secrets for staying in synch at home and in the office

    Family Health & Wellness Guide
    Our readers share their favorite local pediatricians, pediatric dentists and orthodontists, and OB-GYNs. Plus, advice on pre- and post-natal health and on how to pick a pediatrician, and pediatric dentist and orthodontist 

    Not Your Regularly Scheduled Programming
    Fun summer camps and classes for city kids of all interests (Part I)


    10 Great Events For April
    Bello Mania” at the New Victory Theater, celebrating STEM at the Maker’s Festival, Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and more

    Park It Here
    Just in time for spring, our family guide to the city’s best parks 


    Camp Countdown
    Geek out over a host of summer programs with a foundation in math, science, and technology

    Dads Of Real Estate
    Two local dads, who happen to be on top of the city’s real estate game, share what “location, location, location,” means to them and their families 


    Editor’s Note
    Lovers as parents, parents as partners 

    Events & Offers
    The scoop on the New York Baby Show, our April Camp Fairs, a TLB Music giveaway, and Blackboard Award nominations

    Sweet treats on the UES, an affordable tutoring program, the ultimate nanny finder, a great sporty toy, and prenatal products

    It’s My Party
    Birthday celebrations at Jodi’s Gym, Session 73, and apple seeds

    Activity Of The Month
    The best yoga classes in the city for families

    Starting Out
    From upscale boutiques to comprehensive super-stores, the NYC metro area has baby-shopping for every budget and need

    Savvy and sympathetic, Smart City Kids founder Roxana Reid has created one of the city’s premiere admissions consultancies focused on nursery school through high school

    A Special Place
    The Horticultural Society of New York (AKA the Hort) is growing a new generation of little gardeners and eco-minded families

    A Good Idea
    As the NYC Dads Group reaches their fifth anniversary and launches a national hub, the founders share five important truths they’ve learned about fatherhood

    The Last Word
    One local mom reflects on the importance of amazing aunts in any child’s life—and shares why she loves being an “auntie” herself

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