February 1, 2012

Funny Valentines

February’s Editor’s Note

By Eric Messinger


It’s something to watch a comic master do her thing.

At the beginning of our
cover shoot with this month’s cover subject, Samantha Bee, she struck a few
pretty poses and played along nicely. But as if by instinct, she soon
enough honed in on our main prop—a dozen roses—and milked them for all their
comic value. She even took a fake bite out of one.

I wouldn’t expect anything
less from The Daily Show’s Most
Senior Correspondent—and during our brief time together I got so much more,
including some thoughtful and funny musings on Occupy Wall Street, health care and
the overwhelming generosity of Americans. 

For more on Bee, a Canadian native turned Upper West Side mom of three, I’m going to steer you to the best
possible place: Heather Chaet’s wonderful interview with her

Much as Samantha Bee’s engaging
conversation flits between the hilarious and the serious, I think that one of
the strengths of this particular issue of New
York Family
is the varied mix of stories and themes. Above all, I’d
like to recommend the article on talking with your child about sexual abuse. Needless to say, that sounds like a heavy and difficult topic
but read the story; it makes a compelling case that there are ways to speak
about abuse that are age-appropriate and essential for helping children
 prevent any unhealthy touching from adults whom they might otherwise

Among our lighter fare,
we’ve pulled together a fantastic car seat guide; a neat fashion story
about stripes
for spring; and a helpful guide to a wonderful new
trend in the city: film series for families. And what can we say
about love that hasn’t already been said? I wasn’t sure but four NYC parents
did a terrific job sharing their thoughts, and six local experts
offered advice on how to make a marriage better.

As for myself, I’m going
on my 15th year of marriage, and 12th as a dad—two roles that have brought
untold blessings, lots of good times and laughter, and of course a fair share
of conflict, frustration and anxiety. I’m not sure whether I’ll step up on February
14th, but my own funny valentine deserves roses from me everyday. 

Happy February To



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