December 14, 2011

Do You See What I See?

An NYC Holiday Window Round-Up

By Sharon Beesley

One holiday tradition that is uniquely NYC is viewing all of the beautiful department store windows that are dressed to the nines for the season of merriment. We highly recommend braving the cold and spending a few hours taking in the combination of classic scenes and modern artistry through the holiday windows. —  

Goodman’s “Carnival of the Animals”

Having a
hard time deciding which store to visit this year? Bergdorf Goodman’s “Carnival
of the Animals”
is at the top of our list! This year it doesn’t disappoint
with windows saturated with a bold colors and intricate details. Take a minute
to explore showcases like “Teacher’s Pets.” The students are life-sized paper animals posing with zoological textbooks, making this display a
perfect mix of artistry and humor. Children will be mesmerized with the window
entitled “Testing the Waters.” It’s completely encrusted with hand-cut
Italian mosaic tiles that make the window truly sparkle. It should come as no surprise that it took
the artists 10 months to piece together this aquatic window. Time well spent!

754 5th
Avenue, (212) 872-2700,

Barneys New York

to see windows like no other? Head over to Barneys! This year the store collaborated
with Lady Gaga to create windows that are wild and fantastical. Gaga’s use of odd-ball materials like human hair are shocking at first glance but it all
comes together beautifully. The half Gaga-half motorcycle creature is awe-inspiring and so is the mermaid gracefully swimming in a spiky cave. While not
exactly geared to kids or toward a specific holiday, the windows should be visited for their sheer artistry. And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Lady Gaga’s
music is blasting as you walk down the sidewalk.%uFFFD

Madison Ave, (212) 826-8900,


is usually the first stop on the walking tour of the holiday windows. Or the
last. Whenever you decide to see it, it shouldn’t be missed! Paul Olszewski
designed the windows this year for the Make a Wish Foundation. The mix of
modern and classic technology with a heavy focus glitter make these windows
magical. Kids won’t want to leave after they find the interactive window
display at the end. Using touch screens, they can create custom ornaments.
What’s more: they can send their ornament to a mobile device. This window is
both visually stunning and interactive.%uFFFD

151 West
34th Street,
(212) 695-4400,

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue has kids racing around the
building as they follow a mannequin pedaling her giant tricycle. Back and forth she leads them! It’s a quirky
addition to window, but that’s not all that’s unique. The color scheme of black, white and
red is a bold choice, only to be intensified by the light show projected onto
the building’s facade. Mesmerizing! Bonus: the dresses on the mannequins are
some of the most glamorous we’ve ever seen. Well done, Saks.

611 Fifth Avenue, (212) 753-4000,

Lord & Taylor

& Taylor’s window displays are the sweetheart of the bunch. They capture the
simplicity of the holiday season by using children’s drawings from Women In
Need shelters and local schools. A whopping total of 125 drawings fill the
space! A highlight of the display is a banner that hangs in one of the
miniatures houses. It spells out: “Happy Everything!” Isn’t that what this time of year
is all about? It’s hard to leave Lord and Taylor’s windows without a

424 Fifth Avenue, (212) 391-3344, ‎


let all the scaffolding turn you off from looking a this window display.
Beneath it you’ll find a Statue of Liberty mannequin with a dress made out of
jelly beans! Somehow Lady Liberty still looks as radiant as ever
in this edible dress. Highlights in this store’s window also includes mannequins dressed as Rockettes
sitting in circle swings high above the shoppers.

712 Fifth
Avenue, (212) 247-1100,

& Co.

effect these tiny window displays have on the people peering into them is lovely.
There’s just enough room for two or three people to look at a time so it
creates an intimate experience. What you seen in the tiny windows is a dreamy
world that has a carousel on every corner. Parents might get tired holding their kid up to see the details of this
display but the effort is well worth it.

727 Fifth
Avenue, (212) 755-8000,


back in time as Bloomingdales highlights shopping bags from years past. Watch
the bags open and spin! Inside are dioramas of sculpted
animation. While stopping at each window, don’t forget to say, “Cheese!” A
camera will take your picture to display in the window. The photo will also be
featured on Bloomingdales Facebook Page. Fun!

1000 Third Avenue, (212) 705-2000,

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you
want to see a window display off the beaten path, go to the New Museum of
Contemporary Art. Here you’ll find a very SciFi Christmas designed by MakerBot
Industries. Children will point and giggle at the ridiculous situations the little
green aliens find themselves in while parents will enjoys recognizing the Back
to the Future, Star Trek and X-Files references. This window is both nerdy and amazing! Check
it out.

235 Bowery, (212) 219-1222,

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