• What is a Camp Fair?

    By New York Family

    Editor’s note: New York Family’s camp fairs are coming up on Saturday, January 24, and Sunday, January 25. They are free, but it’s best to PRE-RESIGER HERE to secure your spot and mark your calendar. The Camp Fairs, both from 12-3pm, will be located on the Upper East Side on Saturday and the Upper West Side on Sunday. For more information and registration, CLICK HERE.

    You are beginning to search for a summer camp for your child, but with all the different options, where do you look to find information about camp programs? The process can be daunting. Camp fairs make it easy for parents to sort through the many camp choices. Camp fairs are free events that take place on weekends and bring dozens of camps straight to parents, allowing them to have one-on-one conversations with many camp directors all within a few hours of time. Both day and sleepaway camps are represented for campers ages 3–17. Camp fairs give families a chance to see if they click with a camp director and also provides them with the opportunity to ask key questions about their summer camp program.Before visiting a camp fair, consider what type of program and camp environment will fit with your child’s interests and personality. Each camp provides unique programming and approaches. While at a camp fair, parents may want to ask the camp directors the following questions, as well as others you may have, to help you determine which camp is the right for your child:

    • What is your camp’s mission and philosophy?
    • What type of child is successful at your camp?
    • What is your camp’s program?
    • What type of training and education do you and your staff have?
    • What are the safety procedures?
    • What are your enrollment options?
    • How does your camp handle special needs?

    Keep in mind that the more open families are with camp directors, the better informed they will be when it comes to making a decision.

    For parents searching for a camp, camp fairs are great ways for parents to find out what a camp is really like before registering their child for camp. New York Family and the American Camp Association, NY and NJ have camp fairs in various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn this season.

    Remember to PRE-RESIGER HERE to secure your spot for the January Camp Fair on January 24 and 25!