• Book Activities For Your Kids On The Go With KidPass

    Find a fun experience for you and your kids with just two taps.

    By Loretta Lee

    Photo: KidPass

    Looking for an easy way to instantly search for fun activities and book classes for your kids? KidPass has released a new mobile app that will make finding and scheduling classes with simpler than ever.

    “I have two young ones, and as a busy dad, it can be very time-consuming to find and schedule fun and meaningful activities for your little ones,” said Aaron Kaufman, co-founder and COO of KidPass.

    With the goal being to help parents spend less time scheduling and more time having fun with their kids, Kaufman says the buying a subscription to their mobile app will make it easier for parents to book or reschedule activities on the go. One of the most popular searches on the app is “date night drop offs,” where kids can enjoy a fun pajama party in a safe environment while parents enjoy an impromptu date night.

    “In an age where you can do everything online from ordering food, taxis, and even a date, it’s frustrating that kids activities are largely offline and only found through word of mouth,” Kaufman says. “Now through our online platform and new mobile app, parents can discover hundreds of new activities throughout the city for their kids and book them with just a few clicks — saving a lot of time, energy, and money.”

    The app is a new addition to their website, which provides access to exclusive events, classes, camps, museums, and more at members-only prices. With the new app, parents can spend less time searching for classes and have access to thousands of activities for kids in one place.

    Aimed to enrich and transform the lives of your children, the new app would allow parents to browse over 3,500 activities. Some of the activities and classes that parents can discover through the app include ballet, music, cooking, chocolate making, yoga, swim, Krav Maga, hip hop dancing and much more, all from more than 350 providers in New York City.

    KidPass subscriptions start at $49/month. For more information, visit KidPass.com.

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