• Best Of The Web: November 30-December 6

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    By Whitney Casser

    Contributors: Veronica
    Torok and Briehn Trumbauer

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    How was your Thanksgiving? One mom blogger’s was perfectly
    imperfect, reminiscent of so many Thanksgivings past
    . Variety show, anyone?

    Even Santa is taking the economic slump into consideration.
    Santas-in-training are being taught to gauge
    Christmas morning expectations
    —with children requesting everything from
    high ticket gifts to jobs for their unemployed parents. (NY Times)

    Ready for some mama drama? From the folks who brought us Jersey
    Shore comes a TV show about
    party-loving moms
    and their daughters…and the debauchery that ensues. (Babble)

    Like Occupy Wall Street, Occupy
    Seattle has been getting violent
    . A pregnant woman who was hit by police
    and blasted with pepper spray says she had a miscarriage days after the
    incident. (The Stranger)

    People read parenting news! Does that surprise you? Facebook’s list of most frequently shared articles for 2011 includes quite a bit of parenting coverage, along with natural disasters and other hot topics. (TechCrunch)

    Is technology
    ruining the magic of Santa Claus
    ? With St. Nick tracking apps, websites to
    submit a letter to Santa and even a Twitter account for the jolly guy, the Internet
    just might give away the secret. (HuffPo Parents)

    Does risk always trump reward? Lenore Skenazy has had enough
    of overly
    cautious parenting
    . From riding the rails to inflating balloons, seems like
    kids these days aren’t allowed to do anything…at all. (Wall Street Journal)

    The recent SAT cheating
    scandal should have New York Education Commissioner John King reconsidering what
    to do about testing security and punishment
    . How can we discourage students
    from trying to simply beat the system? (Democrat and Chronicle)

    Labradors make great family pets, but
    Lisha the South African Labrador retriever takes puppy love
    to a whole new level
    . Check out these adorable photos of some of the
    animals she has “mothered.” (Mother Nature

    Studies show that drinking several cups of coffee a day may help keep women
    healthier, so bring
    on the java
    ! (Washington Post)

    When is a book more than a book? When it’s a slam-dunk
    first birthday present
    . (Mom Filter)