February 21, 2012

Best Of The Web: February 22-28

Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

By Whitney Casser

Contributors: Sharon
Beesley, Meghan Gearino

Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
our interest. Enjoy! —

Sibling rivalry takes a backseat in these adorable instances
of love—a slideshow
of sib smooches
! (Babble)

Mommies deserve good threads, too! Check out New York
Fashion Week’s first “Strut:
The Fashionable Mom Show
.” (USA Today)

Baby buddies!
Turns out babies can form friendships before they are even able to speak. (Yahoo)

Cash for class? A high
in Cincinnati is paying
students to attend class in order to decrease drop-out rates. (Perezitos)

Remember the strict (some might say over-the-top) father
from last week’s round-up? See what the North
Carolina dad
is saying in his defense in this Q&A. (ABC News)

Hearing parents fight may not be all that bad for kids.
After all, lessons in expressing
oneself emotionally
are to be learned. (NY

The latest vid in “stuff” people say: Sh*t Urban
Moms Say
. Enjoy. (Café Mom)

Is this all a big misunderstanding, or is it real? A
convicted sex offender is allowed to preach
in a church
—but children aren’t allowed to attend. (The Huffington Post)

Get ready to read Stephen Colbert to the kiddies before bed.
The hilarious TV personality has decided to pen
a children’s book
. (The Atlantic

A new study seems to indicate that non-gender-conforming
are at higher risk for experiencing physical, psychological and
sexual abuse. The reasons for this are unclear, but, unfortunately, may be tied
to parental rejection. (TIME)

NYC mommy blogger Marinka and her son have decided to get a dog–now
all they have to do is convince Dad. Read the hilarious conversation here. Did you have to convince your spouse or kids
to get a dog? Send her your tips! (MotherhoodInNYC)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: A new
study shows that over-reactive parents will most likely have kids who can’t
control their tempers. What’s more, there may be a firm genetic link. (Science Daily)

In CNN’s fifth article in a series discussing
issues surrounding childhood obesity, they suggest you get your kid cookin’ in
the kitchen
! Would you dare? (CNN)

An intriguing (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) piece on the timely private kindergarten admissions process–where anxieties run high and parental cliches are brought to light. (NY

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