World’s safest spoon?

Spuni inventors Marcel Botha and Trevor Hardy have done the seemingly impossible: they have invented a more efficient spoon for babies transitioning to pureed foods. Dubbed “the first latching spoon for infants,” Spuni’s original design encourages babies to suck food off its surface, which is made from a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer outer layer. (It’s the same material used for pacifiers and bottle nipples.) Designed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the utensil features a long, pliable neck and a tapered, squarish bowl. Our 10-month-old tester, Parker Pettenato, was able to get more food into his mouth with each Spuni-ful, and was soon opening wide in anticipation of the next scoop. Spunis come in sets of two: neon and playful pink; bouncing blue and oops! orange; bubbly blue and lucky lemon; and giggly green and peekaboo purple. Now, who wants to open up for the chew-chew train?

Set of 2 Spuni, $18,