• Warby Parker Drops Kids’ Frames Pilot Program In NYC

    The cute new kids’ Warby Parker frames are scaled-down versions of adult styles, designed for two different age ranges.

    By Caitlin Wolper

    Warby Parker

    Today, Warby Parker is releasing their first-ever kids’ frames at all their New York City locations. The 12-week pilot program lets kids try on the collection and buy their favorites—they can be shipped home or picked up in-store!

    Warby Parker-wearing parents will find the frames familiar—they’re scaled-down versions of existing adult ones. The two sizes offered are Jr., for ages 8 and up, and Jr. Jr., for glasses wearers 4-7. All pairs cost $95.

    And they’re not just stylish. Every pair purchased during this 12-week pilot program supports Warby Parker’s Pupils Project program, which provides free vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses for kids at the city’s community schools.

    For more information, visit warbyparker.com!

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