Tip to Capture the Best Family Photos This Summer

Tip to Capture the Best Family Photos This Summer
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Tip to Capture the Best Family Photos This Summer

Spring is in the air and summer is on the way and it’s the perfect time to capture the best family photos in our beautiful city. We sought expert advice to get the best family photos this season.

Great photography is an art – like a dance between shooter and subject, and the finished photos reflect that dance with simple, brilliant harmony. 

McKay Williamson helps families to create images that are not only personally cherished, but also creatively exceptional. They shared their top tips for the best family photos:

Set the Scene

Location is key. Before the shoot, have a think about places to explore on the shoot whether you stay at your home, visit a local haunt, or jet off to somewhere iconic.

Dress Code

Wardrobe is super important. What would you wear if you were going to lunch with Harry Styles? That’s your wardrobe for this shoot. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously. 

Hobbies and Props

Your shoot should reflect your family and what really matters to you, so why not bring some props? Whether you’re musical, arty, sporty or academic, show everyone what’s important to you.

Weather Alert

Bright sunshine is great for a picnic, not a photo shoot. Overcast days allow for softer light, which is more forgiving. This is why we go for Golden Hour.

Be Brave and Accessorize!

Sometimes it’s hard to let our hair down, but if you have a favorite hat, sunglasses, boots – anything – then bring it along and unleash the inner diva.

Getting Creative

Sometimes clients come to us with some really creative ideas for shoots. We love making ideas happen. 

Most Importantly – Have Fun!

Relax, enjoy your family time, and have fun! Don’t worry about the shots – just focus on spending time with your loved ones and doing the things that you enjoy.

New York Family also like to note:

  • The concrete jungle is our home so find a location that is special and meaningful to your fam
  • Prepare a play list to set the tone and help everyone to relax and have fun
  • Bring snacks (and eat beforehand) so everyone is full and happy
  • Be true to your family, show all the love, and let the good times roll and the camera will capture all of these special moments
  • Remember that less is often more – keep sessions short so it’s sweet for the whole fam.

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