The Bronx Night Market Reopening, Get a Ticket Today

An overview photo of the Bronx Night Market reopening and bustling with people. – Bronx Night Market Team

The Bronx Night Market is Back!

It’s time for the Bronx Night Market Reopening and it deserves a very warm welcome. They’re an outdoor market open every Saturday dedicated to bringing you and your family a wide array of the borough’s tastiest food and cuisine. All the businesses partnered with the market are local and individual, bringing you truly one-of-a-kind flavor.

Though they had a late start and still are dealing with pandemic restrictions, they are still bringing roughly 20 vendors with a dazzling array of food. Being as much of an experience as a place to eat, you won’t want to miss them.

While entry is free, all the small businesses that make up the night market are in charge of their own pricing. It’s the tradeoff for being able to gather so many talented chefs into one space. Whether they only take cash or only take credit, it’s the dealers choice so be ready.

Occasionally they are going to do some special events like concerts, so make sure you look at their calendar and Facebook page to see what’s up and coming that will amaze your whole family.

Open until November, there’s plenty of time to go whenever the weather is nice and you are in need of a fun, family-friendly outing.

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A woman holding a baby close to her bosom. She holds up indecipherable food on a stick for the baby to eat. It's cuter than it sounds.
@gillian.todd – Bronx Night Market Team

Parent Tips

The Bronx Night market reopening brings with it new Covid regulations, but the shops are more than considerate. They’ll fix you up with carrying containers to battle limited seating. It’s just something to be aware when dealing with particularly messy little eaters.

For people with allergies and eating restrictions, the diverse culinary smorgasbord ensures that there are options for everybody. Some sites specialize in vegetarian and vegan food so no one will have to miss out.

This also makes a great spot for date night if you want to leave the kids at home. It closes at 7 o’clock so you won’t have to worry about being out late.

A woman working for the Bronx Night Market posing at a booth displaying Bronx Night Market t-shirts. She poses with both hands up in the air, silly and excited.
@gillian.todd – Bronx Night Market Team

When, Where, and How: Bronx Night Market

Hours: Noon – 7 pm

Location: Fordham Plaza, E Fordham Rd, The Bronx, NY 10458

They’re reopening to full hours. That’s every Saturday from noon to 7 pm. The ethereal quality of the night market is part of what gives it unique and special charm. 

Take the D train or the 4 train to Fordham Road and from there it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away to Fordham Plaza where you can begin your Bronx Night Market experience.

You do need a ticket to enter the market, but tickets are free! Reserve your ticket online through their Facebook page or through Eventbrite

Make sure you sign up well in advance too. People are so gung-ho to check it out, slots fill up fast.

They plan on going strong until November when the weather gets cold again so there’s plenty of time to visit if this weekend or the next is already filled up. And that’s everything you need to enjoy your experience at the Bronx Night Market reopening!