The Best Sunglasses for Kids of All Ages!

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Best Sunglasses for Kids!


Summer is now in full effect, which means that kids are spending a lot of time outside in the sun. Aside from making sure your kids are applying the proper sunscreen, you also need to find the best sunglasses for kids. Sun rays can be harmful to little ones’ eyes, which is why having the right kind of sunglasses is important to have for every summer outing! With many different styles to choose from for all ages, your kids will stay protected and stylish all summer long!

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Zenni Optical

These prescription sunglasses are perfect for your little ones! With multiple styles and colors to choose from, there is a pair for everyone. These glasses are also very affordable, which means you can buy a pair for different occasions! Zennie also gives the option to customize your sunglasses to make sure you get the perfect pair! Available for kids of all ages. $6.95-$23.95.

Jonas Paul Eyewear

Whether you’re looking for a retro look or a more simple style, Jonas Paul’s has it all! All of their sunglasses are made from a high quality BPA-free cellulose acetate or premium kid-friendly metal, which makes them very durable. Each pair also blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB and has a backside anti-reflective coating to make sure your eyes are fully protected. Available for kids of all ages. $19-$29.

Baby Banz

BanZ takes child safety seriously, which is why they created sunglasses for toddlers that are kid-friendly and are free of any dangerous chemicals. Baby BANZ are designed with an adjustable strap in the back so you can make sure they stay secured on your kids heads. These also are made with an embedded silicone nose and brow to make these sunglasses as comfortable as possible. Available for kids 0-2. $16.70.


Your kids will be some of the most stylish ones on the block with these sunglasses! All of Weefarer’s pairs have been designed by parents whose main goal is to protect children’s developing eyes. The original style glasses are the most popular for children and are made with a rubber frame and are impact resistant so they will last for a long time. These glasses come with a one year replacement guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if you end up losing or damaging them! Available for kids of all ages. $25-$35.

Sunski Kids

This sunglasses company has created kids versions of two of their more popular frames. The Mini Dipsea and the Mini Headland come with a lifetime warranty and are perfect for kids’ little eyes. Both pairs block UVA and UVB wavelengths and have passed the FDA basic impact test. Mini Dipsea sunglasses are also polarized to provide extra protection. Available for kids ages 5-11. $48.

toucca kids

These vintage inspired sunglasses are super comfortable and are ones that your kids will love wearing. Each pair is made of a handcrafted hypoallergenic frame and has polarized scratch-resistant lenses. toucca kids designed these for all of the mini hipsters and fashionistas out there who want to have a stylish, yet safe, look this summer! Come in sizes for ages 2-12. $49.

Real Shades Switch

All kids need a pair of sunglasses that they can depend on. That’s why Real Shades Switch glasses are so flexible that they are almost impossible to break! Switch glasses are also some of the coolest this company has to offer because the frames change color when your kids are in the sun! Your kids will love the changing colors, while the parents will love how these sunglasses are protecting them from the sun. Available for kids of all ages. $19.95.

Babiators The Agent

This company’s new Blue Series Collection will give your kids a very colorful experience. These sunglasses go through rigorous testing to make sure that every pair is safe for your kids. The Agent’s are polarized and are made of  UV400 lenses so your kids eyes are fully protected from any harmful rays. Available for ages 0-6+. $36.