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    No School for Next Year?

    By New York Family

    It’s spring and you aren’t sure where you’ll be going to school next year. Is it time to panic? No, not really. There are many private schools that will accept students on a rolling admission basis. Before you dismiss a potential new school as a possibility for the fall, take a moment to look over its website.

    Your first “go to” place should be the admissions page. What are the requirements? Do you fall within the outlines of a prospective student? If the answer is yes, then take a moment to contact the admissions office to determine if they will still accept your application. You may be asked a few questions over the phone before given an answer, but the responses you receive may surprise you.

    Although on paper a lot of schools publish deadlines, in my experience this is more of a grey area than a black and white one. Obviously, highly competitive schools with a waitlist will not be encouraging, but many of the second tier schools might be willing to consider you if you present well.

    There are many reasons why a student doesn’t have a school lined up for September. Perhaps your current school is holding the contract to see how you perform by the end of the year. Perhaps they have already told you that you would not be offered a place in the fall schedule. Or, you may have come to the conclusion over the past year that your current school isn’t the best fit.

    It’s never too late to explore your options. Our school interviews new students 12 months a year and we have students joining our program all four seasons. We are not alone in this practice. If you’re not happy, you should consider looking elsewhere. Your school day should be something you enjoy since it constitutes the bulk of your time.

    The diversity of options available to you in New York City is impressive. To help you identify the type of school best suited to your needs, here’s a download that will help:

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